There not change anything in anyone’s life. However,

There are so many people around us. They might be our family, friends, teachers, neighbours, and even passers-by. Some of these people could go unnoticed and does not change anything in anyone’s life. However, the others might have a huge impact on us. They might change our views and personalities. They also can change our life and give greatest impact on our life.

The person who contributes a lot about Social Science, John Urry (1946–2016) is person who does his work not just by publishing, but through example. He does it by his way of being an academic. John Urry become someone that remarkable, beneficent and compelling force. As it is obvious in hundreds of tributes and testimonials to his reminiscence gathered already, his paintings stimulated such a lot of humans through his talks at conferences, his published words in the pages of journals and his many books, and in conversations throughout viva exam tables, PhD juries and supervisory conferences. This special writing is dedicated to recollects John’s contribution as a Philosopher.

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John Urry showed that to be an effective researcher or teacher, the most important thing is that, there is no need to try to dominate, or to cultivate a “formidable” person or difficult writing style, what important that as long as it is easy to understand. John is a person that totally free of affectation or concern about his status; his laid-back, good-humoured manner belied a sharp critical mind which he has the ability to think rationally and clearly. In addition, he is an extraordinary love to work because he feels like work is his life.

Other than that, John was more interested in constructing and building something than demolishing and one thing that amazing about John Urry is that he could disagree in an agreeable and acceptable way, and he was always straightforward, in his writing and with others. He was particularly good at encouraging and drawing young researchers both to join him on his intellectual journey and to branch off in new directions on their own because he loves to see people

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