There are three main areas

There are three main areas of development, Physical, Communication and Intellectual and Social, Emotional and behavioural which together form a holistic process of development in all children and young people. Each child is unique and develops in his own way and at different rates and milestones are used as a rough guidance.
0-3 years
First three years of babies life is fast physical development, they start with very little control over their bodies and by the age of three learn walk, run, hold a pencil and continue to develop at a fast pace. Babies movements are dependent on a series of reflexes which they need in order to survive and they will gradually learn to have more control over their bodies so that by 12 months will develop a degree of mobility such as crawling and rolling.
Most children start to walk by the age of 2, they are able to walk, climb, point, holding small objects and starting to dress and feed themselves. By the age of three children will have more control over their fine motor skills, they can hold a pencil, turn pages in a book, they should be able to feed themselves, they will be more confident in walking and run and explore other toys such as scooters and tricycle.

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