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Last updated: May 10, 2019

There are potential electricalhazards present in many of our work areas and ensuring electrical safety can bethe difference between someone going home safely and someone going homeseverely injured.

 This activity helps people understand the importance ofelectrical lockout while demonstrating what happens when we rush into tasks.Here’s how it works.Time: 20-40 MinutesMaterials: Operation board game (enough for each team to have one) Lockout Tags (enough for each team) Copy of Lockout Procedure (enough for each team)Directions:Split the group into small teams(3-6 people). Have each team review the company’s Lockout/Tagout Procedure.After the teams have had enough timeto review the procedure, have them answer the following questions (designateone team per question):  In your own words, what are the steps required to complete a proper Lockout/Tagout? Why is Lockout/Tagout so important? What are some tasks that might require a Lockout/Tagout?Once the team fully understands theLockout/Tagout Procedure, announce that they are going to participate in ahands-on activity.

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Position teams at Lockout SimulationTables, Operation. Then explain the directions below: Each team will have the game, Operation. The team that gets all of the pieces out in the fastest time will be the winner. Flipping the game upside down is not permitted; the team members have to use the tongs to get out the pieces. Every team member must participate.

Anyone who gets “buzzed” when trying to get a piece out is then “dead” and can no longer participate. The next team member will resume the attempt to remove the same piece, and any remaining pieces.Have the teams begin the competitionimmediately after the directions have been shared.  This is important, asyou want the group to rush into their work. Explain that time starts “now!” andthe team who gets all the pieces out first wins.While the teams are going throughthe competition count the number of buzzes you hear.

When the first teamfinishes, the game stops.Ask each team how many members oftheir team “died” during this activity? Usually at least a few from each teamget buzzed.Ask if any team decided to Lockoutthis game before starting their work. Operation has a switch they could haveturned off to power down the device before starting their work. Most teams willNOT have done this, even though considerable time was just spent reviewing theimportance of locking out.

If any of the teams did Lockout,congratulate them on a job well done! Discuss that all teams should havedepowered the game before beginning their competition rather than working on itlive. It is important to build the connection here. So often we rush into jobs;we want to work fast! We think it will be a quick task and we forget to Lockoutand make sure things are safe before beginning.This is a great opportunity to askquestions, share stories, or just dialogue about the seriousness of rushinginto electrical-related work. 


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