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          There are several crimeincidents which is kidnapping cases which occurred in Sabah for the past fewyears. Early on 15 November 2013, a Taiwanese man was shot dead and his wife waskidnapped by a group of unidentified gunmen after the couple being attacked inthe resort of Pom Pom Island off Semporna, east coast of Sabah. The Taiwanese’swife was rescued by Philippines security forces later on 20 December 2013 (TheStar, 2014).

Tourist being kidnaped incident happened again on 2 April 2014,which a Chinese tourist and a Filipino hotel employee from Singamata ReefResort in Semporna, Sabah, were kidnapped. This incident caused a dramaticdecline of Chinese tourist arrivals from China to Sabah (The Star, 2014). Touristkidnapping incidents in Sabah, adversely affected Malaysia’s tourism sector. Lee,C.F., (2014), further explained that the Chinese-tourist kidnapping incidentsresulted flights from China to Kota Kinabalu, the state capital were beencancelled. As of April, 76 flights from China to Kota Kinabalu were cancelled.Among the 76 cancelled flights, 10 were Malaysia Airlines flights fromShanghai, 22 were China Southern Airlines flights from Shenzhen and 44 were SpringAirlines flights from Shanghai.

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Moreover, twintragedies of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flights MH370 and MH17 has make 2014 atragic year for Malaysia. MH370 is still unaccounted since its mysteriousdisappearance on a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8. Just fourmonths later, another MAS flight MH17, was shot down in eastern Ukraine on July17.

This incidents prompted many tourists from China to avoid the SoutheastAsian country, causing business operators to suffer conservatively RM10 millionloss and the amount reaches RM100 million for the whole tourism market (KhmerTimes, 2014). Malaysian government had taken several measures to reducethe loss due to the tragic incidents occurred in 2014. According to the news reportedin The Star, 2014, Tourism and Culture Minister conducted tourism campaigns in othercountries, such as  Thailand, Singapore,Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Australiaand New Zealand. Malaysia established a crisis management committee specificallyto tackle China’s tourism sector in order to rebuild the China tourist’sconfidence of to visit Malaysia.            Furthermore,a tourist from China wrote to reader’s column inSin Chew Daily about them being victim of theft during their visit to Malacca.

Athief on motorcycle has snatched a camera from one of their members in the group.They were extremely shocked that such incident took place under broad daylight(Malaysian Chinese news, 2014).  Recentlyin one of the hotel in Kuala Lumpur, two tourists become victims of a snatchtheft at the entrance of the hotel, where a man on motorcycle rides into viewand quickly snatches one of the tourist’s phone and rides off quickly. (TheSTAR, 2017).

This incidents has eroded internationaltourist’s confidence on safety during their visit to Malaysia.

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