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There is no doubt that money is really a very important thing for the human beings to lead their lives in a satisfactory way. After reading my article I came to a conclusion that when people invented money their future power was underestimated or at least nobody knew that they will conquer our lives.
Unquestionably money is essential for our healthy living. Sometimes, the sad thing is that some people are ready to do everything for the sake of money. It is their only goal which is worth chasing. That’s why some of them change their behavior and turn themselves into a completely different person.
Money open all doors to opportunities and success. We could buy everything if we have them. But.. are we able to buy happiness, love, health? Yes, they could buy us luxury, material things, we could go anywhere, anytime but if they are the only thing that we chase, we simply become addicted to them as if they are drugs.
Without money, we feel helpless and alone in this world where no one is ready to help and assist. In the current materialistic society, money is very important and powerful thing without which one cannot live and survive. If we look around us just for a minute we will notice that everything is connected with these little papers. All the necessities that we have at our home like furniture or electronic devices-without our monthly salaries we would not be able to afford even these unnoticeable but essential things for a normal living. Then we sit comfortably, switch on the TV and everything is connected with money again. The commercials that manipulate our choices and spending habits, all those TV shows where people play different games and answer questions to win the big price- a huge amount of money. Also, there are so many books that could teach us how to become rich, not to speak about the articles on the Internet with the countless number of advice from successful people from all over the world. And after spending an exhausting day at work and then being preoccupied with all these little distractions we hardly ever notice that we neglect the priceless things in our lives – our family and friends. Just spending quality time with precious people, talking with each other, sharing interesting stories and just being informed about what is happening with their lives. We should give ourselves a rest from time to time and forget about all those bills, about our salaries and responsibilities, leave the technology aside and open for the valuable things that matter.

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