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Last updated: May 10, 2019

There is an oldparadigm that says, “The only constant in life is Change”. In this ever changingworld where each new day sees a spate of new concepts and applications and eachpassing day makes them obsolete, I wish to have the highest level of educationand transcend new horizons.

The vast application potential when combined withmanagement always fascinates me and I am keen to continue my academic pursuitin this direction.Having already obtaineda Master degree in Statistics from Central University of Rajasthan in July 2015,Doctorate program in Management completes my education in the wider areas ofmanagement. My Master’s degree has given a strong foundation to my analyticalskills since it involved a lot of long, complex and intricate calculations andthe application of quantitative skills.

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During my Master’s program I involvedin research work with Prof. K. K.

Jose who understand my passion and motivatesme to pursue a career in research. I also interact with faculties and studentsof various Universities and Institutes during my post-graduation studies duringvarious conferences and workshops and get a chance to know more about the researchwork associated with inter-disciplinary areas of management. The need for a goodand high quality research work always inspires me. I studied various researchpapers of eminent faculties from India and aboard. I also got a chance to studythe research work by Prof. Malay Bhattacharya on VaR Estimation. During mycourse and work experience I was taught to deal with unique situations thatpushed me to come up with quick decisions after perfectly analyzing theproblem. Doctoral Program in Management offers benefits with opportunity in awider areas of inter-disciplinary research.

I am applyingfor my chosen course because I feel this course will help me into my careerpath, and also because I believe it will challenge and stimulate me, and helpme to reach my potential. It would enable me to channel my quantitative andconceptual skills in analyzing business issues and would open up new avenues inresearch. I want to develop not only as a student but also as an individual. Subsequentto earning a Doctoral Degree., I would like to apply for a faculty position ata leading university; and investigate issues concerned with technology as itaffects organization strategy, structure and systems.

 After I graduate from the program, I will beuniquely prepared to face the challenges of the international business world.My short term goal is to seek employment in one of the Business schools inIndia that could serve as a practical supplement to my education. In thelong-term, I plan to do research and consulting work along with the corporates andresearchers.I feel that Doctoral study in management will be a logical extension of myacademic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my objectives. I therefore greatlyappreciate your consideration of my application. IIM Bangalore has builta strong reputation for excellence and quality across its higher education andtraining programs. IIMB attracts students and staff from within the country andabroad.

In an institute ofsuch confluence of people from every culture, nationality, religion andideology, I am sure that exposure to these kinds of diverse influences wouldaid in the overall development of my personality. I also believe that I havebetter chances of updating and scaling up my knowledge through thisprogram. I commit my dedicationand hard work for the betterment and progress of your esteemed University, aswell as to myself. I thank you for reviewing my application and look forward tobeing able to push my limits and come out more tuned in to my ambition and contributeback to the program.    


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