There was a variety of people involved

There was a variety of people involved in the women’s rights movement, but the ones who were most well known were Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Carrie Chapman Catt and last but not least Alice Paul. Lucretia Mott was a leading social reformer. Lucretia was born on January 3, 1793, in Massachusetts. By 1821, Mott strongly disagreed with slavery, and never bought products that had to do with slavery. Doing this it prompted her husband, he was always there for her and supported everything she did. He also got out of the cotton trade in 1830. She was a supporter of William Garrison, because of his Anti-slavery society.Lucretia Mott and her husband gathered with the Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840. After this, this led to her coming together with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and since then she was known as a women’s right and published her influential Discourse on Woman (1850). While she was in the women’s suffrage movement, she also mentioned herself as being a housewife. She died on November 11, 1880, Pennsylvania. Carrie Catt was born on January 9, 1859, and died on March 9, 1947. She was one of the leaders who lead the women’s rights movement. She was a leader for more than 25 years. Carrie grew up in Ripon Wis. She graduated from Iowa state college in 1880. Carrie elected Susan B. Anthony as president for the NAWSA. 1n the 1920s Catt enfolded the peace movement, opening the assistance of eleven national women’s organization. For the cure of War (1925) to completion of the united states and its participation in the world’s foundation for peace.  In the wake of World War II, Carrie used he influence to have accomplished women’s peace. Alice Paul was born in 1885 and died on 197. She was an American suffragist and women’s rights activist. Alice Pau1 was initially a member of National American Woman Suffrage Association, but her more “radical” methodology got her kicked out. She then led a successful campaign for women’s suffrage along with Lucy Burns that resulted in the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920, which allows females to vote. She and her colleagues tied themselves to the white house fences and protested all day every day- this protesting got her and numerous other women arrested. The horrifying events that occurred during their jail time were crucial for the public awareness they sought.

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