These days, it is not difficult to know

These days,it is not difficult to know what going on with the Kardashian family, becausethey are everywhere. The Kardashians, a family of 8, have been in the limelightfor over 15 years, with their hit tv show, makeup brands, clothing lines andsocial media presence, its hard not too see them.  The Kardashians are a family that is “famousfor being famous”, a family not like any other. The family is often grantedopportunities to pose for magazines, star in tv shows, and be in countlessmusic videos.

With every famous family comes along gossip and rumour which inmost instances causes a wedge between the family and society, however theKardashian use fake news to their benefit. The Kardashians have spent the pastdecade intentionally courting the spotlight and maintaining their brand usingfake news on social media to benefit their image.Mini Intro (Paragraph 1):TheKardashian did not become famous from just thin air, however evolved throughsocial exploitation to help build the family to where it is today. To get abetter understanding of the Kardashian family, it is important to recognise howthe family have become so successful. With countless opportunities and wealth,the family has prospered immensely in the past decade.

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Through the support oftheir fans, they have been able to be a multi million dollar family. Paragraph 1: where it started    The family started the journey of fame, whenRobert Kardashian married Kris, and had 4 kids Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob.Robert Kardashian was well known for his tight friendship with OJ Simpson whowas a family friend, and Robert acted as his lawyer in the well known OJSimpson case. Kris after a decade broke things off with Robert, and gotremarried to Bruce Jenner, a former Olympian. Kris and Bruce share twodaughters together, Kendall and Kylie, and together the Kardashian family wascreated. The family was wealthy, with Robert and Bruce both being formercelebrities, however the family got their big break through their daughter KimKardashian.

Kim appeared alongside Paris Hilton on her hit tv show “The simplelife” and played as Paris assistant and organizer. Kris (mother of 6 children)than got an opportunity to debut her family in a reality show, that is called”Keeping up with the Kardashians”, a show that still on air today, and startedback in 2006. Kim in the same year made her big debut, through the release ofher sex tape with Ray J an R&b artist she was dating at the time. The sextape what was all that was talked about, and viewed over a million times, andhelped Kim Kardashians stardom into fame.Paragraph 2: How they become famous            The Kardashian sisters with the helpof their mother Kris Jenner have become multi million-dollar celebrities. Thesisters glory and name grew as they started a well-known clothing brand calledDASH. The sisters also starred in small parts in some tv shows to help promotetheir name. Kim featured in Dancing with the stars and played a small role inother tv shows, Khloe co-hosted a season of the x factor, and featured incelebrity apprentice.

Overall these sisters constantly stayed in the mediaseye, and kept their name floating in Hollywood world. The family’s name truly explodedback in 2011, where they started to become an icon for millions. Kris Jenneracted as a manger to the girls, and focused her work on keeping them famous.

“Everyday, I woke up and walked intomy office and asked myself, ‘What move do you need to make today?’ It is verycalculated. My business decisions and strategies were very intentional,definite and planned to the degree.” Kris Jenner helped save the famous”Keeping up with the Kardashian” show, by adding more drama, and more celebrityappearance so she would gain viewer.

With their mother by there side, the girlshave been an iconic social media presence earning millions for branding,advertising and creating their own brands. Paragraph 3: How much are they earning            Looking at theentire Kardashian empire, its hard to keep track of how much the Kardashian haveearned throughout the years of being in the spotlight. To break things down,the family has accumulated 450 million dollars throughout the past decade, andare predicted to make more in the upcoming years. Starting off with Kris Jenner(mother) who has a net worth of about 60 million dollars, with being a producerof the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and help to manage her daughter’sjobs. Bruce Jenner (father) who recently transitioned into a woman to becomeCaitlyn Jenner, has a net worth of 65 million. She was able to achieve success followingher Olympic glory, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and her spin off showseries “I Am Cait”.

Kourtney Kardashian the oldest of Kardashian Klan has a networth of around 35 million and has earned her money through the family show,and appear on a reality show in 2005, as well as owning a few boutiques and havingendorsement deals on her social media. Kim Kardashian, the most well known Kardashianis worth 175 million and owes her success to the multiple apps, makeup brands, countlessendorsement deals, and children clothing line she has successfully created. Notto mention multiple opportunity to be guest on hit talk shows, and appear in musicvideos. Khloe the youngest Kardashian has a net worth of 40 million, throughthe family show, and her two spin off kocktails with Khloe and Revenge bodywith Khloe Kardashian. Khloe also has many fitness endorsements which shepromotes using her multiple social media outlets. Kendal Jenner,  has earned around 17 million through her printand runway modelling opportunities, and is one of the top paid models in theworld.

Kendal also has a clothing business with her sister Kylie, which shemanages. Kylie Jenner, who is just 20 years old, has a net worth of 50 milliondollars, and has earned most of it from her cosmetic line, which launched 2years ago. Kylie also has associated herself with makeup brands and other clothingand shoe apparel like puma, and has her own spin off show called “Life of kylie”.

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