Thesis of The Killer Angels

The Killer Angels: Literature Circles

Following are the literature circle roles to be used over the course of the novel. You will be assigned one role for each part of the novel (you will, therefore, complete 4 roles). You are responsible to have your literature circle role prepared for each literature circle meeting as outlined on the unit syllabus. Each meeting will be graded, and all 4 meetings will be added together as a test grade for English Literature Circle Roles 1.

Character Commandant: Your Job is to think about the main character or haracters featured in this section of the reading. What are they doing? What are they thinking or saying? How are they feeling? How are they interacting with the setting of the story? Are they facing any conflicts or problems? Have they reached any epiphanies or made any insights or realizations? Are they experiencing hardship or good fortune? What details about the characters(s) does the author reveal? Task: Generate five textual citations (include page numbers) that contain noteworthy information about a main character or characters.

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Summarize the material in one to wo paragraphs for each textual reference. 2. Symbol Sleuth: Your role is to identify five objects from the reading that are important to the text. Ideally they will have symbolic value (ex: a mockingbird representing the harmless and innocent characters from To Kill a Mockingbird). In the event that this section of reading doesn’t contain 5 true symbols, feel free to substitute other objects or items that are significant to the story. Task: Find 5 symbolic or important objects from the reading. Provide an illustration, graphic or photo of each object.

Cite the page number each bject appeared on. Then, in 1 solid paragraph for each item, explain its symbolic value or significance to the story. 3. Line Illuminator: Your Job is to select five passages from the reading selection that you think are worthy of being read aloud and discussed with your group members. The line illuminator writes down the passages word for word in quotes, citing the page # from where the lines come from in parentheses at the end. You are free to pick whatever quotes you like, but they must have some sort of significance or importance.

Task: Pick 5 passages you find nsightful, or lines that confuse you and throw you for a loop. Under each passage, in 1-2 paragraphs per quote, you must explain the significance of the line and why you picked it. 4. Question Commander: Your role is to make a list of five “thinking” questions that can prompt a discussion amongst your group members and eventually the entire class. The questions you choose should be designed to get your group members thoughtfully engaged in the issues and topics you are reading.

Often, good questions will attempt to reveal the nature of the characters and why Was part of the plot unclear or confusing? Do you think the author has a hidden agenda or motive? These make for great questions. Task: Create 5 higher-order thinking questions to discuss with your group. After asking your question, provide, in 1-2 paragraphs for each question, a possible answer with supporting details. It doesn’t have to be “right”, but it should serve to foster discussion. Complete weekly Job, post in forum on Moodle2 Graded Activities: 1.

Reading and role sheet completed on time Constructive, consistent participation writing on book nd daily exit slips As you read and discuss: 125 x 4 = test grade 2. 140 3. Timed 140 4. Discussion reports 140 1. Keep up with the reading; don’t disappoint the other group members 2. Read with questions and comments in mind. Use sticky notes. Make sure these are genuine questions that will be interesting and helpful to discuss. Include page numbers of passages that will add to the discussion. 3. Look for specific passages that will enhance your “Job” for the week. 4.

Participate actively and constructively in discussions. After each discussion session: 1 . The discussion leader is responsible for writing a discussion report, due the day after discussion. It needs to be typed, and include the following: a. Enough specific information that makes me feel part of the discussion (l like to feel included! ) b. Demonstrate the level of depth and insight/analysis reached in your discussion. These should be a minimum of one full page in length. They should be thorough and thoughtful, showing what you learned through reading and discussion. 2.

Evaluate your own and your group member’s performances. Add specific, anecdotal items that nhanced or detracted from the participant’s grade. You need to have one entry for every participant for every week. These are confidential; please do not share them with other group members. 3. You will each need to write an exit slip as well at the end of every discussion day. What did you learn? What was your epiphany? What new ideas, new concepts, new thoughts, and new ways of looking at something did you gain today? These can be on a half sheet of paper; include your name and book title. 4.

If you are absent and miss a discussion, you need to write a two-page reflection log n your reading, what you analyzed in it, and how you responded to the section of reading, as well as your role sheet. Grading each other You will be grading the other students in the group, and they will be grading you. On the evaluations, make sure you note if the students were prepared, if the questions asked were significant, if they stayed on task, if they did the reading, if they kept the over the discussion. Did they act like responsible students? Literature circle planner: Group Members Meeting Date Character Commandant Line Illuminator Symbol Sleuth

Summary Sultan Group A: Arthur Chris Bianca 11/14/13 11/19/13 11/21/13 11/26/13 Group B: Molly Julia Brendan Tanyea Group C: Lauren Caitlyn Kevin Group D: Savanah Emma Taylor M. Taylor Group E: Max Jason Sarah Dibble Casey Sarah Group F: Sarah Daly Jordan Hayden Christian Group G: Jess dos Santos Svetlana Jaclyn Amanda Jess ‘etlana c lyn manda . cyln vetlana ;vetlana acklyn 3roup H: Hunter Steven Morgan Group l: Elizabeth Jesse Heather Group J: Justin Danika Sam Michelle Group K: Jazmine Dylan Jared Sydney Jazmime Group L: Kari Jessica B. zak Emily Jessica



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