they resource leveling ,and production of Gantt or

they are now starting
to join together technically. Examples of specialized software cost estimating
tools include Before You Leap, CHECKPOINT, Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO) II,
Cost X pert, Knowledge Plan, Parametric Review of Information for Costing and Evaluation
– Software (PRICE-S), Software Evaluation and Estimation of Resources –
Software Estimating Model (SEER-SEM), and Software Life Cycle Management
(SLIM). Project management tools are an automated form of several techniques
developed by the Navy for controlling large and complex weapons systems. For
example, the program evaluation and review technique(PERT) originated in the
1950s for handling complex military projects such as building warships. Other
capabilities of project management tools include critical path analysis, resource
leveling ,and production of Gantt or timeline charts. There are many commercial
project management tools available such as Artemis Views, Microsoft Project,
Primavera, Project Manager’s Work bench ,and more. Project management tools did
not originate for software ,but rather for handling very complex scheduling
situations where hundreds or even thousands of tasks need to be determined and
sequenced ,and where dependencies such as the completion ofa task might affect
the start of subsequent tasks. Project management tools have nob uilt-in
expertise regarding software as do the commercial software cost estimating
tools. For example, if you wish to explore the quality and cost impact of an object-oriented
programming language such as Small talk, a standard project management tool is
not the right choice. By contrast, many software cost estimating tools have
built-in tables of programming languages and will automatically adjust the
estimate based on which language is selected for the application. Since
software cost estimating tools originated about 10 years after commercial
project management tools, the developers of software cost estimating tools
seldom tried to replicate project management functions such as construction of detailed
PERT diagrams or critical path analysis. Instead, the cost estimation tools
would export data to a project management tool. Thus, interfaces between
software cost estimating tools and project management tools are now standard
features in the commercial estimation market. Let us now turn to applying
project planning and project estimating tools to large software applications.

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