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This is an example of how the customers on thee-commerce co-operate with the page, this also permits them to traverse aroundthe page. This embraces things like the product page, about us page etc., whichthe customer may want to look at. If these are easy to access and also easy tonavigate to, the the customer will be overwhelmed with the interface and alsohow much they are able to relate with the e-commerce.Ease of use:A client on an e-commerce website is capable to use thingssuch as search tool, permitting customers to find something precise, fast andprofessionally on the e-commerce website.

In addition another factor whichmakes the e-commerce easy to access is the cart. It has similarities to normalshopping you can place items in your bag, instead of you just carrying itaround, it just stays in your bag unit you’re finished and you’re ready to payfor your items. There are rules and regulations on every website regardingdelivery and incorrect items being delivered mistakes sometimes happen you canre order your item or just cancel your order.Display of products:For the e-commerce website, it is compulsory to have cleardisplay of the items for the user to see.

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For example sometimes the design ofthe ecommerce can get in the way of the products. For instance the best optionis to put your products on a separate page so the user can see all the varietyof items. For example ducts of the identical type (e.g. cleaning) should all beplaced on one specific page in which the customer can find the products. Thisshould be done with all products on a page which the user can easily scrolldown and see a vast number of all on one page, reading from left to right.Personal details entry:For the personal entry details on an e-commerce website,people can always be very wary when typing in these specific details. Thisindicates that the entry form on an ecommerce website must be reliable and safeto make the customers feel safe and no need to worry about giving personaldetails when ordering items, also ensuring the customer that their details areconfidential to the website.

It must contain a clear layout of blank boxes downthe pages, with specific instructions what to type in each box. For exampleentering their address in one and their phone number in other.Credit card entry:This is an alternative thing that customers usually tend tofeel uncomfortable on doing on an ecommerce website as they are cautious thatthere information that they are typing may not be kept confidential.

This alsoindicates there should be something ensuring the customer that theirinformation is only going to be used for the purchase of the product. The entryformat should be laid out to give the user the option weather to see thenumbers that they are typing or not see them, just in case they are in a publicenvironment. They also should have the option of saving their payment detailsfor future purchase that make it easier and quicker next time.Delivery details:After placing an order, the customer usually tends to liketo receive updates on their item.

This could include a tracking number to showthe customer where their item is at any given time. Furthermore you can alsolook at the contact details the customer provided then you can give them a callto update them about their delivery. For example; when there item isdispatched, when it reaches the carrier and a date and time for delivery forthe customer.Image:The ecommerce website page has to make the customer feelsafe and make the website well set out. The web page has to be appealing to thecustomer for example; well set out, picture in appropriate places, as well asthe text and writing standing out.

The image of the website will make the usersthe first impression, meaning the website has to be attractive so the customersare drawn in.Style:The style of the website is similar to the image, however italso how the website is set out and how organised it is. For example; if thewebsite created is well presented, like everything on the page set out in lineand every single page on the website is comparable and gives the same to thecustomer.Hosting:Hosting:Hosting is applied by a company that offers space on aserver in order for you to be able to host files on a website, also providingthe internet connection so that other computer on the same server are able toaccess files.Choice of ISP:This is a usual provider that you tend to use the internet.This specific choice can be very difficult as there is abundant serviceproviders that you can choice from. You will need to think about the specificone that you are going to choice as the better the internet provider, then thebetter service provider, then the better the ecommerce website you provide tothe customers. Choices consist of sky, BT etc.

In house:This is created and exists within one and only one company,and also is their specific idea of hosting the provider for the internet. Inlong term conditions in house service provider can usually result into lowercost, furthermore for short term other employees might even have to be hired asit requires specific skills to enterprise a fully functional site by using theinhouse service provider.Sub-contracted:This strategyworks when an ecommerce website is hosted by another company for money. Theamount usually paid always determines the amount of work the subcontractor hascompleted. However this option does have consequences they consist of being tooexpensive and also what usually occurs is the communication issues plays part.

Promotion:Marketing:This is how the ecommerce website is displayed to thecustomers using this website this is because of promotion, brand and service.The best way of making an ecommerce website successful you will need to find atarget market for the ecommerce business by doing market research in variousareas of the targeted market. This also means you will have an idea of thecustomer needs for the service of the ecommerce website. This also has anadvantage that can make customers of specific market will discover theecommerce website and be attracted to it, which can also mean you will get worthyfeedback. Advertising the site:There are numerous ways you can promote your ecommercebusiness, but I general think the best way is to us the internet. People thatare already on the internet can see the advertisement and be tempted to clickon it and see what it is all about and if there is any interest for them, andalso it is easy to access as it doesn’t require the user to type the websitethey can easily click on the link that would direct them to the ecommercewebsite.

  For this you would have tocontact other major ecommerce companies to advertise your company on their ownwebsites, by targeting a large variety of customers.Placing in search engines:By retaining the ecommerce name into a search engine, thisleads to more people may come across the website just by searching on theinternet, maybe sometime searching something similar or different. Everyonethat uses the internet is permitted to use the search engine, furthermore byplacing the business name on the search engine you can advertise the websiteeven more.Message board and chat rooms:These are two free ways of advertising that won’t cost you apenny over the internet.

It is like word of mouth, people can write feedbackabout any product they have purchased anyone that uses the website can see thefeedback, this can also have an impact on customer as they might read thefeedback and if it is a bad feedback you might have lost money. This also meansif people post good things about the product or business, it will createawareness for the product. Message boards the information will stay thereforever, compared to chat rooms the message can be deleted once the chat isover.

Costs:Set up:This will comprise hardware, networking and software need tobe paid for. They can be lent or be credited. Also, you can also use either internal or external skills to setup thesystem.Maintenance:With the market always rising, the website will have to be rationalisedfrequently as goods and other commercial fundamentals will go out of date.

Thiscan be done internally and externally by accomplished professionals. Security:This depends on how many security structures you have andhow good the superiority of these security geographies are. It would be a goodidea to notify customs on the website that they are safe.

Leasing:The main cost for leasing will most likely come from effectslike equipment that have to use to create, maintain, develop etc, for the site.It could nevertheless in the long term prove to be inflated than obtaining.Advertising:The mainplatforms when advertising take place is mainly tv or radio.

These platformstend to cost a lot of money for businesses to run on these specific platforms.Also paying for search engine listings can be costly.Delivery strategy:This is howcustoms will obtain belongings that they have ordered.

Clienteles can getcharged for the conveyance, so it doesn’t cost the business as much. Alsotracking on the item will cost the commercial.Staff training:The businesscan indicate to internal training, which would be inexpensive if not muchtraining is needed and there aren’t many skill levels.

However, they might beforced into do doing external training which could be more expensive.Fraud protection:The website needs to be protected so that people cannotfraud things like client’s details and card details. This can be done by usingthings such as SSL, HTTPS and making customers have the sturdiest conceivablepassword which consists of upper case and lowercase letters, number andsymbols.  This is primarily done to avoidany identity theft on the website, so that clienteles can trust the website forall their forthcoming acquisitions that they do in the future.

I would recommendall customers to have strong passwords containing upper and lowercase letter,numbers etc. to make sure that the passwords aren’t easy to hack.Hackers:The websitealso needs to be very safe to avoid hackers from gaining admission to thewebsite and customers details. This can be overcome by making a very securepassword that no one will be able to guess or figure out. However, this willjust be for small hacker prevention.

For more protected prevention of hackingyou can use a software that finales things known as ports that aren’t beingused, to discourage hackers away from the scheme. This means it will take alonger period for hackers to gain admission to the website so that they will nolonger try and gain access to the website. I would suggest using the softwarethat finales ports that aren’t being used to make sure that hackers can’t getin this way.Viruses:This is a spiteful program that can get into a processor andcause many things to go wrong on your CPU if the program is running. This meansthat the website could be infected and broken by things such as worms antrojans. This can be overwhelmed by installing anti-virus software on thewebsite.

This means that any viruses initiated on the system that are not meantto be they will be demolished by the software, before they do any destructionto the system. I would indorse installing anti-virus software onto the CPU inorder to stop the viruses   into thecomputers and possibly ruining the computer.


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