This plagiarism, the information he gave is wrong.

This concerns order ? 341438 Client title “Ainuu” who has requested a refund of $55. I decline the reasons indicated by the client. Firstly, I delivered the assignment on time as we had agreed with the client and as per the deadline he had indicated. Concerning the plagiarism, the information he gave is wrong. I had checked the paper before uploading. According to turn it in report, it clearly indicates that the student submitted the paper at STANFORD UNIVERSITY yesterday date 14/12/2017 at 10.44 p.m. According to the instructions attached, the client is from Stanford University and it is with no doubt that it is the client who submitted the paper. He then checked for plagiarism after submission so the paper was 100% plagiarized. Furthermore, the paper had 2 assignments in one 5 page each, whereby the first part of the assignment was perfectly done and the client confirmed that. I have attached screenshots of the submission report and the initial instructions of the assignment which can help you in decision making. Kindly consider my petition.
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