This its a life or death situation

This essay is going to be about how I am against 18 year olds having to serve in the military if they don’t want to. An 18 year old shouldn’t have to go do something that they don’t wanna do. Some people have plans and goals what they wanna do when they graduate and if they get selected for the military draft it ruins their future plan/career. Now i’m going to list some cons and information of why they shouldn’t have to do that.
One of the arguments raised against mandatory military service is that it violates people’s rights to exercise free will. No one has the final say whether they should participate or not in the military training and enter the army since it is a compulsory mandate implemented throughout the country. Joining the army by force puts a delay for the ones who are shooting for higher education. This is also putting these young men and women lifes at risk joining the army. When going to war its a life or death situation you’ll never know if your gonna die or still be alive. Also not everyone is fit for the army. Like some people are not early morning people and some are not stay up late at night people. Some people can’t tolerate people yelling at them in their face. That’s some reasons people are not fit for the army.

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