This involving purposive and simple random sampling

This study was designed to examine perceived effect of environmental awareness on utilization of forest resources in Etung Local Government Area of Cross River State. In order to achieve the set objective of this study, four (4) hypotheses were formulated and tested statistically at .05 alpha level. A twenty (20) item questionnaires was developed using likert scale, ranging from Strongly Agree (SA), Agree (A), Disagree (D) and Strongly Disagree (SD). The survey research design was adopted using multi-stage selection, involving purposive and simple random sampling techniques to elicit responses from two hundred and five (205) randomly selected inhabitants of the study area. The Pearsons Product Moment correlation analysis was used in testing the four (4) hypothesis.  The literature was reviewed under the following subheadings; environmental awareness and logging activities, environmental awareness and harvesting of non-timber forest products, environmental awareness and land cultivation, environmental awareness and hunting practices. The findings showed that logging activities were significantly influenced by environmental awareness, and also that environmental awareness had significant influence on harvesting non-timber forest products. The findings equally reveal that, there was significant influence of environmental awareness on method of land cultivation. It also shows that hunting practices were significantly influenced by environmental awareness. Based on the above findings it was recommended that government should create job opportunities to serve as alternative to logging and that rural dwellers should be involved in management of community forest. Better method of land cultivation should be taught to farmers. And environmental educators should also continue to train, teach, guide and direct hunters on the type of hunting and fishing gears to use, and encourage them on selective killing and the part of forest they are permitted to hunt.

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