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This spring I had the unimaginable chance to take part in the Internship Program at Montgomery Crime examination. I was relegated as an assistant to 2 Field Officers with two different understudies, which in itself exhibited various advantages and disadvantages. I feel that working in the little field office permitted me a significantly more one of a kind or deal than the strict plan of the temporary job program in Montgomery. I was likewise ready to invest more energy with singular operators, making inquiries and learning points of interest of the activity than I trust I would have at the substantially bigger central command. Working at the field office had its disadvantages, be that as it may. Montgomery wrongdoing examinations base camp houses, five divisions. The field office just has two divisions that I am mindful of (Criminal Investigative Division (CID), Drug Investigative Division (DID), and I had no timetable or time allotment for encountering every one of them. I have no second thoughts about the workplace I was set in, however. My experience was instructive, one of a kind, and loaded with precious experience that will help me hugely in choosing my future. I additionally met numerous individuals that helped me tremendously both amid my temporary job and in giving me data to help in narrowing my future vocation center.
Day-to-day responsibilities during my internship were fairly routine. I made countless copies of case files, investigative reports, receipts, and any other documents the agents or secretaries may have needed. Cold case files were particularly interesting to glance through. I also organized case files. policies and procedures for different types of investigations. Crime scene investigations department is different from MPD patrol office. This taught me the incredible amount of attention to detail that is required in this career. The sheer number of reports filled out for each investigation was astounding. I also had many enlightening conversations with various agents, who were always eager to help and answer any questions I had, or simply chat and give advice about my future career plans. This was particularly valuable, because I came into this internship somewhat unsure of the direction that I would like my career to take and they helped me to narrow my focus and learn what path to take to succeed in a variety of career options.
While my day-to-day office responsibilities were interesting and educational, they could not compare to the field experiences that I had during this internship. I was able to go to the firing range my very first week there, to observe agents doing their annual firearm qualifications. Surprisingly, I did much more than observe. I actually participated. I received a holster, bulletproof vest, and one of the agents actually let me borrow two of his guns and patiently instructed me through the entire day of firearm training.
My second field experience was participating in picking up a decompose body. Basically, I rode with the officers to the scene and put on protection equipment due to smell. We parked at a distance from the actual scene and waited for fire department, so they can open the 18-wheeler truck. It was amazing to be able to participate so closely in an operation with the agents talked me through each step and answered my multitude of questions.
The next, and possibly most interesting experience for me, was observing a polygraph exam. The first time, I rode with the polygraph examiner to another county where she was to do an examination. However, the examinee never appeared. I was able to observe an examination a few days later and it was worth the wait. I was enthralled by the whole process and the expertise of the examiner both during the exam and in the subsequent interview, in which he confessed to the crime, was amazing. A local police officer was in the observation room to explain certain “tells” that I should be looking for as signs of deceit during the exam. I was also able to use knowledge from my psychology classes to form some opinions about the psychological state of this examinee and consider how I would use this information to interview the suspect.
I had to go to headquarters in Montgomery during my internship in order to observe an autopsy at the morgue across the street. We actually were able to observe five autopsies which took place simultaneously. I definitely would not say this was my favorite part of the internship, but it was certainly educational.
My last major experience was attending a hearing to determine psychological competency at the Federal Court Building in Montgomery. This experience was most closely related to psychology majors, so I felt very much out of my element while listening to the experts give their testimony. Even though I felt out of my element I was thrilled to learn how their fieldwork.
Shockingly, I was somewhat less thrilled by the possibility of that profession in the wake of seeing what it is extremely similar to. It intrigued me incredibly and I took in an awesome arrangement about the crime scene procedure, yet there have been different parts of this internship that have captivated me more. Coming to this internship, I didn’t know what I was getting into I thought it would be totally a waste of time. however, I’ve learned so much I’m really happy that the internship process is mandatory for a grade. This internship has helped me learn what I will be doing in the future. Additionally, I feel the internship prepared me for success. The agents explain me the process to be successful agents as them. The agents at the internship also inform me there is a process to get where you want to be in the criminal justice profession.

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