This study focus on developing

This study focus on developing and implementing a web-based system entitled POEA Appointment Online System in Region VIII with Web Analytics for clients having inquiries and complaints, this online scheduler contains all the employee’s available time for appointment, all the clients who want to have their appointment schedule will need to fill up first the POEA AssistWell Form. Then there is a schedule button where they have the freedom to choose their desire appointment date and time that has only 20 slots per day. After submitting the filled up information, a POEA Inquiry Information Sheet will appear that is needed to be print will serve as a proof that they are appointed on that day. Through the use of Web analytics, it automatically monitors and show the result of the appointed clients per day.
In addition, this system has a notification icon where the POEA employee can see clients having appointment schedule on a particular day. This has also a report navigation bar where automatically record the client’s information that can be edit, search, delete and print and this report generation will be accessed by the POEA’s staff only. Another is a calendar that displays the name of the clients and has a button approved if the particular clients has already entertained base on their chosen appointment schedule.

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