This ink made out of banana sap

This study is based on how banana saps can be a possible alternative for natural ink. Bananas are commonly found in the Philippines and Malaysia. Often times, rather, most of the time, people just throw away banana peels instead of recycling them. As cited in the text, the waste material is biodegradable and compared to other fruits, it decomposes much slower. Bananas do not have high juice content. This means, it is not ideal for ink making. That is why the goal in the groups (group 6) topic is to prove that 1. Banana saps can be a possible and effective alternative or substitute for natural ink. 2. If an ink made out of banana sap is more effective than other commercial brand products. 3. If the process of making natural ink made out of banana sap takes or uses a lot of work or time. This study is relevant to the present because it informs and teaches us on how banana peels can be useful in our daily lives. It also teaches us that there are many more alternatives for each and every product.

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