This variable. To collect all the required data

This study aims to analyze and determine the contribution of teacher competencies (pedagogical,personal, professional and social competence) on the performance of learning. The approach used in this study is correlation with proportional sampling technique. For the observation of the teaching who have been certified to be a lecturer as a professional in the field in this population. By population size is too large for the majority of samples taken proportionately much as 117 faculty spread of 25 high schools spread over in Konawe Southeast Sulawesi . Observed variables were pedagogic competence, personal competence, professional competence and social competence are categorized as independent variables, and learning performance variables as the dependent variable. To collect all the required data related to the use of instruments of observation variables in the form of a questionnaire that was circulated directly to the target respondents, and using a Likert scale of measurement.

Every variable has some indicators. The indicator of the those variables will be mentioned at the table below :

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Pedagogical competence

Personality competence

Professional competence

Social competence

The level of understanding learners

Steadiness ad stability to act s per the norm (law) and social norm

The level of understanding teaching materials

The ability to communicate

Designing the learning

The level of excitement to the profession as a teacher

The ability to understand concepts and linkages with other science

Ability to interact effectively with learners

The implementation of earning that educates

The personality associated with independence in acting as educators and work ethic as educators

Mastery of the steps in the research and critical analysis to rexplore the teaching materials and finding solutions toward the problem.

The ability to get along with fellow teachers

Evaluation study and the development of learners to actualiz different potentials

The benefits of the action of teachers to sudents


The ability to get along with parents/guardians of the students and the community

The ability to conduct an evaluation

Competence realted to the noble character




Based on the results of statistical analysis showed that pedagogical competence has a significant contribution in improving learning performance. This is evidenced by the significant value (0.000) < ? 5%. This finding implies that, in order to improve the quality of teaching performance is mainly related to the mastery of the instructional materials, improvements in managing learning and a commitment to doing a good job, then the pedagogical factors play an important role in improving learning performance. Based on analysis of personal competence variables description it appears that all the indicators have given good support in the form of competence. Then the result of statistical analysis results show that the significance test value of 0.000 with a t-test (6448), whereas ? standard used was 5 %. If the value is compared it is seen that, the value of significance (0.000) < ? 5%. This means personal competence of teachers with regard to the degree of independence, work ethic, character, stability in the act and the benefits provided to their students contribute significantly to improving the quality of performance of teachers in the learning process. Based on the results of statistical analysis showed that, t- test results of 3.229 and 0.002 for the significance test. The significance value is less than 5% of the value of ? ( t - sig 0.002 < ? 5 %), because the value is smaller, it can be concluded that the professional competence has a significant contribution in improving learning performance. Social competence is the competence that need to be owned by someone who predicated the power of professionalism in the field including teacher. Descriptive analysis showed that, social competencies related to communication skills, ability to interact effectively with students, fellow teachers and education staff, parents/guardians of the students and the community. Then be seen from the results of statistical analysis showed that, of 3,083 t-test with a significance value of 0.003. Value of the more obscure little significance test is a requirement of the standard (t-sig 0.003< ? 5%), so it can be concluded that, social competence has a significant influence in improving learning performance.

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