This that going towards the moon being separate

This passage is full of discreet personification of
nature around Will and Anna, the trees ‘hovered tall, standing’, the ‘sheaves
like bodies prostrate’. This representation and symbolism of blood-intimacy
(Smith,1971) includes the land, seasons and the earth itself. The harvest-field
scene brings these fundamental symbols, the nights ambiance and the presence of
the moon initiates the aura of a divine presence, the ‘large gold moon’ itself
is a presence. The moon brings this passage suspension and an essential
atmosphere, it irradiates any senses of mystery, the nature and world around
all enter the mythic stature. This presence of the moon is vital, because we
see both Will and Anna being influenced by its energy and light; ‘they did not
want to go back, yet wither they were to go, towards the moon? For they were
separate, single.’ (113). This line suggests that going towards the moon being
separate and single wasn’t the usual way, implying that the moon is a romantic
and intimate influence, although they are ‘separate, single’ they go together



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