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 This particular event captured my attention as it highlights the different classes of economic status within our country.

It illustrates the poverty-stricken beggar walking the streets with the plastic bag past an expensive and high market Mercedes Benz. Within South Africa there range of levels of income earned by the population moving from extremely poor upward to the ultra-wealthy and the middle class in between. This photo made me feel ashamed to be living such a fortunate life with so many opportunities at my fingertips however there are so many of my fellow South Africans out there unable to provide their basic needs and have wealth taunting them every day. This photo is also of great significance as it indicates that although South Africa is well on its way to becoming a developed country there are still many economic inequalities that need to be justified within our country before this occurs.          Photo 2: Diversity of Culture          This photo captured my attention because with South Africa being diverse in race comes being diverse in culture as well.

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There are so many cultures and traditions that I am exposed to and educated on as a South African that I’m able to have so many experiences such as viewing Greek dancing as shown in the above image and being present for bar miztvahs or bat mitzvahs. This makes me feel united and excited as I’m taking part in something that I am not accustomed to. It is majorly significant to me because it is important for me to be educated about other cultures around me and to meet new people from different backgrounds.             Photo 3: Diversity of Race        The photo illustrated above caught my attention because it emulates what our country represents which is a rainbow nation. It shows the unity between different races which I believe to be a factor which is unique to South Africa. As a student, I have learnt a lot about South Africa’s history such as apartheid; this photo made me feel pride for our country as we have come so far from a dark phase in our past and are moving towards a bright future where all races are treated with love and respect. This photo is significant to me as it proves that the relationship between fellow South Africans is moving in the right direction meaning that I will be able to live in a non-racist, diverse country where there is love for one another.

           Photo 4: Diversity of Religion        The belief system within our country is filled with different religions such as Greek orthodox, Judaism and Islam just to name a few and I feel that through having such a range of religions we as South Africans can learn and practice respect for one another and each other’s beliefs. Within our daily lives whether it is at school, the workplace or a social event we are exposed to different people with different religions it is important to constantly be mindful and respectful in the way we act towards these people. This is significant to me because with the diversity of religion being present in our country I have been able to learn how to be respectful of other’s beliefs and values while they do mine.            Photo 5: Diversity of Appearance     Within our society there are many diverse appearances that we come across everyday whether it relates to clothing, piercings or tattoos which may also represent people’s individual cultures. It is important to me that no matter what one’s appearance is that no one is judged based on their outward appearance and treated unfairly because of it.

It makes me feel inspired to see people with different appearances as they are being true to themselves and their own preferences. This is significant to me as I would like to no matter what my outward appearance is feel accepted and secure around the people around me.             Photo 6: Diversity of Jobs                     With South Africa facing poverty, unemployment and low levels of education there are range of ways that people in dire need of money find ways to source an income such as the man above carrying a heavy load of certain materiel items such as plastic found in rubbish bins which he can later sell at a low price to get recycled. This photo made me feel motivated because it proved to me that no matter what bad circumstance some people might be in, they still find a way to work hard and provide. This is significant to me because being a part of the future of this country I can hopefully inspire change to help people out there create a better future for themselves and their families.           Question 2Solution to the problem Diversity is a very important factor within society as it provides unity between people from different backgrounds, races, religions and cultures. It allows people to stand out of their comfort zone and educate themselves about what they are not accustomed to. This understanding of others allows mutual respect to form between the two parties which is of importance within our country.

In the future I would create awareness of diversity through:·     If I were to open my own business I would ensure that diversity management would be implemented to ensure the workplace is diverse and inclusive of people of different races, cultures, religions and genders. It would also ensure that the employees were educated on various racial, cultural, societal, geographical, economic and political backgrounds to ensure there is a sense of respect and acceptance amongst the group. Within a workplace I would also make sure that I respect and listen to others perspectives, opinions and cultural reference ensuring to takes everyone into account. ·     Social media is a very powerful tool in today’s time and therefore I believe starting a movement which promotes women equality, anti-racism and diversity of culture would be very powerful. It would also bring awareness to the inequality of the distribution of wealth and the major gap between the rich and poor.

·     Form alliances with major organizations to raise awareness that the most successful workforces are that of those that incorporate diversity and inclusivity into the work place. This will encourage other organizations to start diversifying their staff and educating them on how to respect and learn from each other’s differences In order to counteract the Apartheid’s negative effects on certain racial groups within South Africa the Black Economic Empowerment act was implemented in order to give those the opportunities that were once taken away from them this has ensured that within the workplace there is diversity amongst the employees. There is also The Equality Act which helps ensure that there is no discrimination taking place against a person due to their characteristics and The Human Rights Act which ensures that no human is treated unequally however with fairness, respect and dignity. Organizations such as Johnson and Johnson, Coca-Cola and Ernest and Young are a few who have implemented employing diverse staff as they all have the same belief that with a team that has different cultures, opinions and perspectives in it, it will be more likely to succeed. 


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