This theory sees the world

This theory sees the world capitalist system into two words center /metropolis/ core and
satellite/ periphery/ where the developed countries like America, England, and France
etc. lie at center and developing countries like Afghanistan, Srilanka, South Africa etc. at
? Poor nations provide raw materials, natural resources, cheap labor and market at a lower
price which in turn back for higher priced finished goods.
? Wealthy nations actively perpetuate a state of dependence by various means. The
influence may be through media, politics, education, culture, sports and all aspects of
human resource development ( through recruitment and training of workers)
? Rich nations actively counter attempts by dependent nations to resist their influences by
means of loans, grants and/or the use of military force.
? Developing nations can’t utilize their resources because of advanced technology,
investment, fund where developed nations took the scope to utilize the resources through
their technology and keep them dependent upon them and this process will continue until
the developing nations will be able to make their strong position

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