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This travel diary recollecting events from the second series of “An Idiot Abroad” features Pilkington checking off as many bucket list items as possible. With such experiences including climbing Mt. Fuji, driving Route 66, whale-watching, and traversing the Tras-Siberian railway, Pilkington shares his insight as to what he learned from his experiences with humor and the good-natured wisdom only a simpleton could share.

The first series of the show had Pilkington visiting the Seven Wonders of the World. This time, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant presented Pilkington with a list of 100 activities; things that are most commonly found on someone’s bucket list. With some reluctance, Pilkington goes on these adventures and learns about the different cultures, people, and places that make up our great world. Along the way, Gervais and Merchant set up surprises for Pilkington to hilarious effect. Just when Pilkington thinks he can finally relax and do something he truly enjoys, he finds out he has to do something like bungee jumping or swimming with sharks which are things he knows he would never do. These surprises are great because not only do these experience help broaden Pilkington’s mind, but are also entertaining to the audience.

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The show was produced for Sky 1 in the UK and then picked up for distribution later on in the US. In third and final series, Pilkington travels the world with famous dwarf actor Warwick Davis. The two have nothing in common and the tension shared during their adventures result in pure entertainment gold. While this book primarily covers the events of series two, there are some references to events from series three.

Do yourself a favor and check out this series. It is incredibly funny and also a great travel documentary series. Pilkington is raw and real in the series. Many who are unfamiliar with his career assume he is a character, but no. He has always been this way , Gervais found a way to tap into the entertainment value. (less)

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