“This varsha” calmed her mother to varsha. Medical

“This is the third time I couldn’t clear my civils entrance” sobered varsha in front of her mother. “Its a competitive world varsha” calmed her mother to varsha.                                                                           Medical entrance, Job, Admission, Modelling, teaching whatever the field you chose the first thing that tests your sustainability is competition, you compete with others to establish yourselves. Competition is a race of life, in our day to day basis also we compete for the things around us be it reaching on time to the class, you compete there with yourself to meet your target set for the day. The successful people who inspire you in your day to day life have competed their counterparts and thus are standing in a successful position, thus your ultimate inspiration is competition but not the person.The greatest artist, politicians, dancers, architects, designers, entrepreneur etc.

are all on a successful stage because they were competitive. So why does competition play such a huge role in our life? The fact that everyone is trying to accomplish their goals in life are thousand or may be even in millions-who are trying to do the exact same thing and thus there comes competition which only allows the survival of the fittest. A famous personality aptly said ” The grander the dream, the more competition there is” meaning if you have dreamt big get ready to face a bigger competition too. It is also known that the highest a competition goes, the fiercer it gets e.g.

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wars and battle which are the result of fiercer competition to establish ones identity. Studies shows that competitive individuals control literally every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the things we tweet about, thus competitive people make the news, make a difference and change the world cause they are better in life, business and even love. So what sets the difference between a competitive person and a non-competitive person? The factors that makes a person to be competitive according to huffpost.com are as follows:1.Competitive people don’t stand the thought of others living the life of their dreams.                                                                                                                                                           2.

They are the most creative people.                                                                                                                         3. Competitive people manage to live happier lives.                                                                                                 4. They push their boundaries.                                                                                                                                     5.

They truly and honestly believe in themselves.                                                                                                    6. Competitive people have a positive outlook on life.                                                                                            7.Their comfort zone is much larger keeping them to grow.

 Competition has made our life into mechanism and it will be around us no matter what we do but it is also very important that we take competition in a healthy way than of unhealthy way. When competition is motivating, positive and forward moving it is then well appreciated and also a tool that can help us in building a skill or a talent. Some are overly competitive like indulging into steroids to boost the performance in an Olympic sport, Gambling, Divorces (over spouse’s successful career), Counterproductive work are all examples of over competition.A participant of Quora says – Most of the people in the present day only exist. They exist to survive. They exist to struggle.

They exist to earn their bread and butter. Most of their time is involved in making money, striving for betterment. Life is to live, to enjoy the moment, make relationships, to create memories, to spread laughter, to teach goodness, love care shares. Where do we find all these in today’s competitive world


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