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This theme was easy to identify throughout the novel because in the turmoils and conflicts in the book, everyone had to trust each other. Loyalty was a very important theme for this novel because all the main characters had to lean on one another to make it through the battles and family issues that arises, and if you can´t rely on family, you cannot rely on anyone.                      Quotes: ???? Jamie talking about the war – “A forced oath canna bind a man, though, or keep him from his knowledge of right.

” ???                    This quote would be under Loyalty because Jamie is on the American side of the Revolutionary War while all of his family is on the British side, including his son, William. In this quote he infers that he will stay loyal to the Americans, he just doesn´t want to be on the front lines facing his son.Rachel talking to Rollo about Ian –  “Would he ever come back?”?                     This quote would be under Loyalty because Young Ian left Rollo with Rachel, and that is showing that he trusts her and wants to see her again.

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She will be loyal to Ian because she is now taking care of the dog that is like his child, and she loves him.Claire – “Reputation depended often on the smallest of actions, the daily decisions made with honor and responsibility, not the huge drama of heroic battles.” ?                    This quote would be under Loyalty because Claire is talking about Jamie being loyal to the American side, even if that means going against family. She also talks about what goes on ¨behind-the-scenes¨ of war time, when some soldiers were not loyal and either deserted or switched sides.??Family??                    The second theme that was very noticeable in the novel was family. This theme was easy to identify because all the main characters are family, or at least being very close friends.

Family was very important in this book because there were so many conflicts that tested all of them, no matter what it was, and they had to learn to stick together, definitely when the war was raging.                    Quotes: Roger to Brianna – R:”It’s too important. You don’t forget having a dad.” B: “You do remember your dad?” R: “No. I remember yours.”                     This quotes belongs under Family because Roger´s biological family died in World War 2, so he never felt like he had a family until he met Brianna and hers.

Jamie was the only father figure Roger had that he felt a special connection with. Young Ian – “Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.”?                     This quote belong under Family because Ian left Scotland with Jamie and Claire when they sailed to Jamaica and the Americas, where he met a Mohawk tribe in North Carolina. He married a Native American woman and he felt more at home with the tribe than he did in Scotland.Roger – “A man’s life had to have more purpose than only to feed himself each day.” ?                    This quote belongs under Family because when Roger was wrongfully hanged, his windpipe was crushed and the only reason he is still alive is because Jamie cut down the rope just in time.

Claire had to reconstruct Roger´s windpipe and vocal chords, but it being the 18th century, medicinal supplies were very limited. Roger is trying to describe what it´s like to recover and not being able to help Brianna in all the ways a man should.Love?                     The last main theme that arises in this particular novel was love. It was easy to identify through the connection between Jamie and Claire, two of the biggest main characters throughout the book, and Roger and Brianna, and the love both of these couples had for their families. Love was very important in this book because it helped the morale for everyone in war time and with every chaotic thing that popped up. It kind of made them all look back on what they really have.

?                    Quotes: Jamie to Claire – “Come to bed, a nighean. Nothing hurts when ye love me.” (a nighean = my woman)?                     This quote is under love because after everything Jamie has been through, as in war, beatings, and near death, Claire has been through it with him thick and thin, and as loved him for it. Claire and Jamie questioning Young Ian about leaving Rollo with Rachel Hunter- “You do mean it, then. You feel … er … betrothed to her?” “Well, of course he does, Sassenach, he left her his dog.”?                     This quote is under love because Jamie and Claire find out that Ian is in love with Rachel, which was a shock for everyone, since he has been in a daze he left Emily since his daughter died.Claire talking about Jamie –  “If he’s bound to risk his life, then it’s my job to see he gets the most return from his gambling.

“?                     This quote is under love because Claire has taken care of all of Jamie’s injuries, no matter how stupid the reason he got them. She has buttoned him up enough to still keep him going and in good health because she loves him.


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