Throughout web to promote her article, “NASA Confesses

Throughout US history, conspiracy theorists have run rampant with illogical, opinion based theories that they have done their best to pass off as fact. Some, being so outrageous, have failed to stick with the general population. Others, however, succeeded in gaining roots. One such theory is the idea that the government is using Chemtrails to poison the US population. Author Christina Sarich used the web to promote her article, “NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium and Other Chemicals”, with the goal in mind to convince readers of the truth of this deadly act. Despite hard, scientific evidence coming forward discrediting these claims, many people still hold on to their belief in the theory. In the following paper, we will show scientific proof of the article’s groundless claims as well as provide evidence as to just what chemtrails really are.  Right away, the article begins stating that NASA’s objective in spraying the “chemtrails’ is to release a pharmaceutical drug. It denounces NASA of spraying lithium into our ionosphere without giving any concrete information on where that information was acquired from. Then, the article gives a video in which a supposed NASA employee admits to the use of lithium in these such chemtrails, without any harm to people. It then goes off to say that NASA is secretive, and that NASA’s own employees aren’t aware of what is going on. In contrast, evidence tells that NASA has a patent online that tells everything on their Ice Modeling for Weather Modification, regarding their geoengineering program (Murphy). Evidence shows, “the most common theory is that the government of various nations are spraying aluminum, barium, and strontium into the atmosphere for the purposes of causing illness in humans and animals and poisoning natural resources such as soil and water” (Carter 240). In addition, according to climate researcher Dane Wigington, many diseases are linked closely to such metals, and they have had a tremendous rise since the geoengineering program started getting abused (Murphy).Chemtrails became popular in the 1990’s. A Farmer from Washington State, William Wallace, began to notice contrails in the sky and he noticed that they lingered for a long time. What was bizarre, was that the lines intersected each other creating a big “X” or creating a grid-like pattern. He spotted more lines, and they were always different. They clouds were sometimes blurry, thick or thin. (Loxton 66) He started videotaping the lines and contacted writer William Thomas and they began studying the “chemtrails” together. (Loxton 66) Wallace explained to Thomas that when there were chemtrails over his cabin, he would get ill with severe diarrhea and fatigue, and he claims that his eyes also watered as he watched. Once the article about chemtrails was published, it quickly became so popular that Thomas was being interviewed at various radio stations. (Loxton 67) Thousands of people started listening to his word and believing him. Soon, many started claiming that with the chemtrails they also experienced disorientation, depression, memory loss and the ability to concentrate. With so many claims, the Chemtrail Theory became more and more popular.  Condensation trails, also known as contrails, are created when the cold moist wind is disturbed by the passing of an airplane. Gases from the jet exhaust, water vapor and microscopic particles of metal and soot cause tiny water droplets to condense from moisture that immediately freeze creating condensation trails.(Loxton 64) Passenger planes fly above 30,000,  higher altitudes are more cold and moist, this is mostly when the contrails are created. By explaining this, if the passenger planes did in fact spray harmful gases, 30,000 feet altitude is too high for the gases to cover a certain area. It has been acknowledged that when farmers spray their crops with pesticides, they must stay closer to land. That is because the higher they are, the more chances are the wind with blow the chemicals away.(Loxton 70) This also happens to contrails, if the day is windy, the wind will push the trails away. “To cover 2.38 billion acres of land, the pilots would then need for just one week of spraying 120 billion gallons of these cryptic chemicals. That’s around the same volume as is transported in all the world’s oil tankers in one year. And such an incredible amount of agent would need an incredible number of planes. Considering that a large air freighter like a Boeing 747 can carry around 250,000 pounds of cargo, at the very least, the government would need to schedule four million 747 flights to spread their chemicals each week about eighteen times more flights per day than in the entire U.S.” (Prothero). Scientifically it has been proven that at 60,000 feet the chemical burnt releases 2 main chemicals, CO2 and H2O at 6,000 F° and immediately cools down to -40° F° causing a rapid condensation of the gases and a white cloud of frozen water crystals to form in the back of the plane (Seeker). Many conspirators say that there is a 3rd chemical released into the atmosphere. The chemical in question is a lithium-based oxide. The lithium oxide is produced by the trace elements in jet fuel. Jet fuel is normally produced with extra trace elements to reach a consistent and predictable burn. Lithium in the jet fuel is burned producing the lithium oxide conspirators say is extremely harmful, but, it is just a chemical produced that doesn’t exist for much longer than a few seconds, the lithium oxide is hydrolyzed and made into lithium hydroxide a non-harmful chemical that has no adverse side effects. The research shows that there are no adverse effects that the exhaust of lithium hydroxide might be mind altering in a “controlling” way. Secret large-scale atmospheric program (SLAP) also known as chemtrails is a popular conspiracy nowadays, with celebrities endorsing the belief that the government is controlling our air. Many believe that these trails are used by the government to control food supply, overpopulation and even the weather. (Shearer et al.) Two different set of scientists were interviewed to scientifically prove that chemtrails are not real. Atmospheric chemists were surveyed due to their specialty in condensation trails. Geochemists were interviewed to work on atmospheric deposition of dust and pollution. (Shearer et al.) Seventy-six atmospheric chemists were surveyed in total, seventy-five agreed that there are no signs of chemtrails on the water, soil, and snow. One scientist did say there was because of high levels of lithium in the soil where the area is usually low in lithium.(Shearer et al.) Many conspirators also believe that overpopulation is a huge concern to the government. Research has shown the contrary, societies after entering a 1st world category begin to stop reproducing as quickly. A quick reduction in newborns causes an age gap within the society which in turn begins a fast reduction in population. The United States is at that point, in turn the government wants to the keep the mean age low and the birth/death ratio leaning to the left (Roser). The claims brought to light by the conspiracies are scientifically proven mostly false. In the end we hope to shed some light on the truth to the frozen crystals of water known as chemtrails.Social media is an enormous influence in today’s world. It is very easy for a person to come up with a theory and post it online. Once online, it is easy for many users to access it. Our celebrities share payed online posts using their social pages as the platform, without fact checking first. This is partially how the Chemtrail conspiracy came to gain such a following. Some articles used technical language and played off their reader’s lack of scientific knowledge, causing a “fear factor” and raising alarm. As we did research, we found very interesting facts that suggest that the government is not spreading chemicals to our environment. Even though, the sky is sometimes full of condensation trails, and many at the same time, we now know those trails are created due to the weather.    

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