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Throughout the novel, there were many instances that tell us about the foreboding of evils. The evils the characters encounter. Boo Radley was one such character who stays mysterious and faced tremendous torment. The readers can effortlessly comprehend the relationship Of Boo with his family. As we read, we experience Boo’s emotions, and see him grow. As the plot develops, Arthur is weaved into something else. We know there is more to him than someone who just stays inside the walls of his house. Boo was one of the persons who lived an ignorant life and learned to live in isolation because of the torment he underwent when he was young.
People of Maycomb used to fear him because of who is as a person. They sometimes said he had ghostly attributes and resembled evil. They spread many rumors about him which made him look even worst to such an extent that people called him ghostlike. But Boo was simply a guy who did not like to go out and interact with people of his town. As we read along, we witness Boo’s character and what kind of a person he is in reality. We see him develop through the story despite of all the miseries he had faced in the past.
Evil wanders around Boo Arthur throughout the story to such an extent that he becomes a recluse in the town of Maycomb. People of Maycomb start to think he is a horrible person. He never sets foot outside his house, which makes him the target of the cruel gossip. Moreover, he is discriminated against by the entire town as they make him out to be the boogey-man who is responsible for every evil or criminal deed that occurs it the town. Boo in the novel, becomes the “malevolent phantom” to all of the townspeople and they judge him for it, even though all he has done is stay in his house. Bothering no one for years on end. They do this because he is different. He is given inhumane-like characteristics, i.e. ” He dined on raw squirrels and cats, he had a long jagged scar on his face, what teeth he had were yellow and rotten; his eyes popped, he drooled most of the time, and whenever he breathed on flowers, they died.”

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