Throughout were tons of death, war, and invasions

Throughout the years the Middle ages has had many labels. The Dark Ages,the Age of Feudalism, the Age of Faith,and the Golden Age of Europe. There are many reasons why they should be labeled these.

The Middle Ages should be described as the Dark Ages because of all the years of suffering the people had to go through. There were tons of death, war, and invasions happening at the time. Invaders would go to the towns and destroy everything that the people had. People lived in fear because of the invasions. They also abandoned their homes to go to safer places. In the packet on document one it says “. . . they sacked town and village, and laid waste the fields. They burned down the churches and then departed with a crowd of captives. . . . There is no longer any trade, only unceasing terror. . . . The peasant has abandoned his ravaged fields to avoid the violence of anarchy. The people have gone to cower in the depths of the forests or in inaccessible regions, or have taken refuge in the high mountains”.

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Another good label for the Middle Ages could be the Age of Feudalism.

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