Throughout the access they have to digital recording

Throughout this essay, I will be talking about two cover versions of one song. Specifically, I will be looking at  “Hurt”, which was originally written by Nine Inch nails in 1994 by an American band which is a band of 4.  The original band members were, vocalist Trent Reznor,  guitarist Robin Finck, bass guitarist Joshua Eustis, keyboard player Alessandro Cortini and drummer Ilan Rubin. In 2017 the only original member left of NIN is Trent Reznor. Only 8 years later, a country singer named Johnny Cash covered this song and changed the atmosphere of the whole performance as Nine Inch Nails is a rock band and Johnny Cash is a solo country musician. Firstly, I will analyze the original version by Nine Inch nines, discussing all the different techniques they used before looking at Johnny Cash cover version. Ultimately, we will be able to see the clear differences as to how both artists perform this single and the differences in emotion and techniques. To this day, this single is very well known because of the emotional connection Cash puts into it this incredibly moving song and why Johnny Cash’s version is more successful than Nine Inch Nails.In the 1960’s music was very basic and simple but the recording didn’t exist so people had to perform live. This is why there are popular songs in the 60s had more of a direct approach instead of just recording, you had to work for your fame. By the 90’s digital recording was done and musicians still performed live but not as much as they used to because they don’t have to anymore. The benefits of digital recording are that bands can make their songs more complex, add new techniques and more dynamics in vocals. However, the downfall to digital recording is that sometimes people lose the uniqueness to their song because of autotuning and reverb. Although there are many musicians today that are famous because of the access they have to digital recording as they can emphasise their voice in a dynamic way.

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