Titanic The biggest catastrophe of the time

Titanic (1997 Movie): directed, written and produced by James Cameron, a subject matter expert in disaster movies, romantic novels in true life based events.

Introduction: In the year 1912, RMS Titanic was built in the grand port of Liverpool, England. At the time it as the largest passenger boat ever built, an Olympic Class ocean liner described as unsincable by Captain Edward Smith, indestructible because it passed every test given and because of the size of the ship, but the Giant, The Titanic met its match on its way to New York city, USA its first transatlantic port of visit, The famous Captain never thought about hitting an iceberg on the way to New York, USA. The biggest catastrophe of the time were halp the ships crew and passengers froze in the atlantic ocean, because the boat only had enough avacuating rafts for half the ship.

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Author, James Cameron was believed to be a shipwreck enthusiast who saw this project as his biggest and most successful talent , his film was sponsored by Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox, with a production budget of nearly 200 million dollars to be used to create the best American romantic drama film in the era. Winning him 14 academy awards and becoming the highest grossing film of all time, until the making of movie Avatar in 2010, that’s nearly 100 years of leading production, if only Cameron was still here to see his glorious success.

The movie, base a true events, but focus acts, such as the love story of Jack and Rose , and the live bands who played till death did them apart, the selfish acts of other humans, and evacuation of woman and kids first, and better yet the honored Captain Smith who sank with the ship.
The ships was very well described as segregated to the Upper and Lower class, with the fine dining and enormous quarters compared to poor living, who stayed in bunk beds, shared rooms and ships regular dinning facity, better yet they way they spoke in that time, upper class families had a more fancy and educated dialogue like Rose , her aunts and fiancé for example, than the simple words of the poor passengers like Rose lover Jack.

The primary story, as being told by survivor Rose, actress Kate Winslet, several years after the sinking of RMS Titanic, she is traveling with her family and her rich fiancé whom had many connections with boat officials and was described as a controlling and abusive husband to be. She tells the story of her experience with the boat and he true love Jack, portrayed by Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who won a passage ticket on a pocket table at docks, who belived to gotten lucky until the end of this great adventure, Jack saves Rose from committing suicide by jumping off the boat and their relationship hits from that point on. The snuck around the whole ship together enjoying each others company, mostly in the lower class areas since they would be discovered in the high class shops above deck. Rose’s fiancé find out about their secret love affair and orders the ships crew to arrest jack way below deck. Sadly this was the last time Jack and Rose would have a good time aboard this ship, I didn’t like how her voice was not heard when defending Jack, the hero who saved her and made many others happy around the boat. I believe he was the best actor for that position, I mean he played it very well.

The Titanic struck and iceberg ! the now unsinkable boat was rapidly plummeting to the bottom of the ocean, in the story Rose mentions how she went back for Jack and saving him from drawing below decks, because he was handcuffed to a fuel pipe. After several struggles to get aboved decks with many others still locked in spaces below as they lost faith due to their lower class abilities to be able to get on a raft, no matter if they where woman and child. The ship sinks with its captain and half its crew and passengers, mostly lower class, because the rich had priority over others to save their lives, I feel like the whole entire movie Rose and Jack were just fighting for survival and escape routes trought the boat. Their last chance was in the water after the ship had descended , and the survivors left of the freezing water wherte fighting each other over life jackets and floating props to say alive, Jack and Rose ended up finding a huge wooden door which they only used to keep Rose on it, I honestly belived they both could had gotten on the floating door and survived but of course Jack has to be a hero and freeze to death while holding on to Rose’s hand, she is then later on found and rescued ith many others even her evil fiancé whom she hid from for the rest of her life.

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