TITLE: to value the trust and loyalty in

TITLE: The Destruction of a Good Relationship.

Do you know what is meant by relationship? Relationship is a connection between two people or more, either same genders or different genders. Having a good relationship is a very important thing that everyone wants in their life. Usually, when people said about relationship, they will think a relationship between two people that are different genders. It is always good to have a nice and healthy relationship with your partner as you can easily gain trust and always be there for each other. We can see when people are in a good relationship, they will be happy, healthy and carefree. But not all relationships are good relationships as different people have different paths. Both partners need to put effort to take good care of their relationship because it can lead to a destruction in the relationship. Therefore, the destruction of a good relationship is usually because of failing to build trust and loyalty, taking your partner for granted and lack of quality time and common interests.

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The first reason a destruction can happen in a good relationship is because of failing to build trust and loyalty. According to Whitbourne, 2017, people who are full of egotism and arrogance will fail to value the trust and loyalty in relationship as they are eager to achieve respect only. This type of people usually difficult to accept other people’s opinions either from their partner or outsider as they are arrogant and being close minded so, they never want to look forward for other’s opinions. For them, only their decisions or ideas are good and true. For example, a couple want to make decisions but one of the partners is selfish and arrogant, so he or she unable to accept his or her partner’s decision and always seeks for respect from others. Other than that, cheating or lying in a relationship cannot help the relationship to remain longer as it gives endless heartache (Rebecca, 2017). This is because most partners would expect their partner to always be faithful in the relationship. Usually, long distance relationships have potential for the partner to cheat or do not stay longer. As example, most cases for cheat to happen in the relationship is when one of the partners went to study abroad which separate and distance for thousand kilometres with his or her partner. For partners who already have children, cheating or lying not only affected the partners but also will affect their child. So, destruction in relationship can happen when both partners fail to build trust and loyalty among each other.

The second reason a destruction can happen in a good relationship is because of taking partner for granted. Both men and women nowadays are equally working. Therefore, work in the kitchen is not only for the women, but also for men because a balanced responsibility is needed in the relationship (Rebecca, 2017) so there is no complication will happen. For example, if both partners are busy working during the day, the men should help their partner when preparing dinner at home after work. In relationship, both partners cannot be selfish as they always need each other in any situations. In addition, according to Humphries, partners who are failing to appreciate their partner and not able to be sincere with the partner during in relationship, it cannot bring to a long-lasting relationship. Appreciate your partner even with a simple word, “thank you” can bring happiness to him or her. Most couples are not expecting appreciation in the form of expensive gifts or something fancy, they just want their partner to appreciate them either by words or actions. When both partners are fighting or having problems, settle them nicely and never leave the conflicts or the problems unfinished because the worst thing to do is, when you walk away from the problem and let the unresolved conflict be in your heart and your partner’s heart. So, love for someone can be destroyed when they take their partner for granted.

Last but not least, the third reason for a good relationship to destruct is lack of quality time and common interests. According to Blair, 2017, partners who are busy of working until do not have time to spend with their partner may give frustration to the partner because he or she will feel ignored by the partner. Sometimes when one of the partners is being silent or trying to find mistakes from their partner, this is not because he or she really want to fight with the partner, but it is more to seek attention from his or her partner as they feel lonely. So, because of this, communication is a very important thing in a relationship as no communication with partner sometimes can make he or she feel lonely and isolated which can cause a fight or misunderstanding in the relationship or sometimes when it became worse also can lead to a destruction in the relationship. For example, in a relationship, even though a man is busy working but he need to find a time to spend with his partner either go for a holiday or having dinner together. Besides that, disagreeing on such topics and not having same common interests also can give negative impact to a relationship (Pascale & Primavera, 2017). If both partners not having the same interests or disagree with any of them, they should discuss properly to avoid them from having misunderstanding. Most cases in divorce nowadays are because husband and wife not able to discuss properly and not able to have a good decision together. Therefore, lack of spending more quality time with the partner and do not have common interests among partners can also lead to a fail relationship.

In conclusion, there will be always a relationship that fail even after many years of effort to stay, and sometimes the destruction in the relationship can happen because of misunderstanding or some reasons which are inability to build trust and be loyal, always take granted on partners and unable to spend quality time and lack in common interests. However, we already know that all people want a relationship that is healthy, nice and a life-long relationship even with a lot of commitments. But, not all people can get everything as they wish. Therefore, both partners need to adapt with each other and get to know well their partners as they may live together for a long time or forever. He or she can identify each other’s areas of strengths and weaknesses to complement each other and build a great and stronger team. In turn, when both partners are well together, they also can accomplish their works better compared to when they do work individuals.

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