To ensure that the patients have the

To be the best at something means to surpass others in quality and excellence
Certain characteristics or factors are what makes Canada the best.
In this case, Canada is a country where you can succeed and have a great life.
In my own experience, my parents are immigrants and it was hard for them to move away from their home country Ecuador but they realized moving to Canada was a blessing instead of a bad experience.
In Canada they have a comfortable lifestyle, Canada is the best place to live in because of its healthcare, education systems and most importantly its freedom.

Canada is well known for their exceptional healthcare system
There are many hospitals across the country that help cure the sick, they carry the most incredible physicians, surgeons, pediatricians,nurses,and support staff to ensure that the patients have the best care possible, without these incredible people Canada wouldn’t have been able to be the first ones to discover Insulin and make breakthroughs in Cancer research to help their patients fight cancer and recover and live a long life.
There are many organizationscharities such as the Princess Margaret Foundation, Sick kids and as well the government has provided the OHIP card to its citizens providing them with coverage of medical bills, visits to the doctor and some medications. A statistic shown by the Washington Post states that ” 57% are satisfied with the healthcare system and the OHIP coverage plan.”
Canada is known as a Welfare state which the government takes care of the citizen’s basic needs in this case healthcare.

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Another reason why Canada is a great place to live in is that of its exceptional Education system, Canada is a country with a high literacy rate rank
According to CBC “Canadian students are among the top performers in the world, according to an international educational survey of half a million 15-year-olds in more than 70 countries.”
Canada’s education system offers free ElementarySecondary school and as well subsidized post-secondary studies and prioritizes school for all children, teens, young adults to make ensure of their right to attend school without worrying about money to continue or having to stop to get a job to pay for their education.

A very important quality Canada as is Freedom,
Wherever you are across the country you are treated equally no matter
Race, sex, religion etc..
In Canada, you are treated as a unique individual and nothing else, the government
Ensures everyone’s rights to equality, mobility freedom of speech.
Canada is a model to other countries to encourage rights of Women, cultural rights, religions, and as well freedom of speech.
The charter of rights and freedom has been an example to the world
As a way of Canada saying that these changes need to be made in order to improve and develop in a positive way.
The globe and mail say that “The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has signed 30 years ago Tuesday. Since then, not only has it become a national bedrock, but the Charter has replaced the American Bill of Rights as the constitutional document most emulated by other nations”

In conclusion, there are many reasons why Canada is a great nation and the best place to live in my opinion it as more than 3 reasons why it’s the best than just education, healthcare, freedom
An important quote that I heard is ” it’s not just the country but it is also the people that make it the best.”

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