To earthquakes, for example, is one factor that

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To begin with, Waterloo has quickly positioned itself as a leader in transformational research, and innovation; it holds a world-renowned reputation in the Faculty of Engineering. Not only does it seeks to develop in each member of the community the ability and passion to work wisely but creatively, and effectively as well, all for the betterment of humankind. For that, I am thrilled to have applied to both civil and architectural engineering programs as well as life sciences here at Waterloo. Studying at Waterloo makes you become a uniquely equipped individual who contributes to society and is capable of leading change, and that is why I have applied to the aforementioned programs at this highly esteemed University.

There are various ways one can impact lives of people as an architectural engineer. My interest in designing structural systems in buildings to withstand earthquakes, for example, is one factor that contributed to my decision to apply for a seat in the program. Furthermore, in studying the life sciences at Waterloo, I will have the opportunity to engage in original research, in world-class laboratories, which makes the process of earning the degree a whole lot more exciting.

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 Said simply, the University of Waterloo offers an unparalleled array of academic opportunities and experiences. As a civil engineer student at Waterloo, I look forward to learning from highly respected professors, who are not only committed to nurturing my curiosity but providing me with the resources to help me get started. I believe pursuing a degree in Civil Engineer at Waterloo is a vital choice in facilitating academic and personal growth, both during my stay at the University and outside of it. Waterloo is the ultimate launch pad. Studying here will help me enhance what I learn so I can set myself apart in the engineering field, and become capable of equating a structure’s efficiency and safety, ultimately making the world around me a safer place.

Waterloo offers me the opportunity to be an innovator, one who is able to make the world a better place.Moreover, having the intellectual keenness to absorb every bit of knowledge presented through my time in the engineering programs, I believe that I will be capable of contributing to the University of Waterloo as it continues to cultivate a scholarly climate that encourages intellectual curiosity. At the Department of Engineering at Waterloo University, I can continue to follow a path that of which furthers my own scientific excellence.All things considered, I believe that I am well-suited to a career in engineering and I am very keen to work in this field. Your university has an extremely good reputation in the field of engineering.

The facilities which you offer to students seem both practical and up-to-date. The “Co-op” option is of particular interest to me, as is the opportunity to study in a welcoming, inclusive community. Waterloo is dedicated to providing its students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse campus community I which I want to be a part.I am very much interested in studying civil engineering because I want to be one who is capable of improving the lives of the people around them. I want to make the place in which we live a better, safer, and more efficient place.

I intend to become one of the best engineering students at the University of Waterloo and to continue contributing to the growth of university’s intellectual scholarly community. By taking to past Waterloo engineering students, I learned that I will be experiencing a broader learning path that of which will, indeed, prepare me for a complex and creative future. An engineering education will exercise my brain, developing my ability to think logically and to solve problems, all which I need to help improve the world around me. Not only am I generally noted for my ability to communicate ideas thoroughly and effectively but I am able to see the “big picture”; finding solutions to problems in unconventional ways. Also, I like to explore, invent, discover, and create, for that, I believe pursuing a degree in either civil or architectural engineering is ideal for me.  Owing to that fact that maintaining an elevated standard of living is my priority, studying engineering will help me do just that. I have had multiple engaging discussions with a civil engineer about the nature of the work etc., and I came to the conclusion that in order to be a successful civil engineer you must commit to lifelong learning and professional development to stay current in technology and contemporary issues, and although civil engineering can be  a rather stressful, the profession includes a huge sense of accomplishment to make it all worthwhile.

Therefore, I am willing to take on that responsibly; I know one thing for sure is that I want to be one who has participated in rather ambitious and incremental projects; I want to have the opportunity to make a huge difference tot he lives of individual and society as a whole. Civil engineering no matter the specialization entitles a challenging, constantly changing work environments and require creativity, adaptability and good problem-solving skills. I am inclined to believe that I have those necessary qualities needed for becoming a civil engineer, after all, I did adapt to various school environments fairly easily in my lifetime. For the reasons mentioned above, I have applied to the civil program and I am looking forward to starting my studies in engineering at Waterloo.  My intention with engineering at Waterloo is to learn skills and develop attributes that are going to help me succeed on both a personal and professional level. The civil engineering program at Waterloo provides its students with a curriculum that is broad and flexible that enables you to become well-grounded in mathematics, scientific, and technical knowledge, and have the ability to analyze, evaluate, and design civil engineering systems.

Throughout my stay at Waterloo, I will have acquired an understanding and appreciation of societal issues and thus will be prepared for a career path toward leadership in industry, and academia. After all, it is my goal to establish some sort of blueprint for the bettering water supply and sewage treatment systems, and maybe implement in somewhere in the world. This way, not only will I prove myself to be a great engineering student, but I will become one who is recognized for their contributions to society.


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