To to reason and make moral decisions and

To fight for equality and freedom is not something easy .But there are some writers who keep fighting using their words which was powerful andwith great impact.Those writers on feminist theory, conceders key for understanding what feminism has been all about.
Rachel Speght 1597-?
Rachel Speght was the first woman known to have published a women’s rights pamphlet in English under her own name. She was English. She was responding, from her perspective within Calvinistic theology, to a tract by Joseph Swetmen which denounced women. She countered bypointing to women’s worth. spoke for not only herself but many of the women of France, when in 1791 she wrote and published the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Citizen. Modeled on the 1789 Declaration of the National Assembly, defining citizenship for men. In this document, de Gouges both asserted woman’s capability to reason and make moral decisions and pointed to the feminine virtues of emotion and feeling (Jane Johnson).
Frederika Bremer 1801 – 1865
A Swedish writer, was a novelist and mystic who also wrote on socialism and on feminism. She studied American culture and the position of women on her American trip in 1849 to 1851, and wrote about her impressions after returning home. She’s also known for her work for international peace(Jane Johnson).
Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1815 – 1902
American socialist, activist. Elizabeth Cady Stanton helped organize the 1848 woman’s rights convention in Seneca Falls, where she insisted on leaving in a demand for the vote for women — despite strong opposition, including from her own husband. Stanton was close to Susan B. Anthony, writing many of the speeches which Anthony traveled to deliver(Jane Johnson).
Anna Garlin Spencer 1851 – 1931
In her time considered among the foremost theorists about the family and women. She published Woman’s Share in Social Culture in 1913(Jane Johnson).

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