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Last updated: May 8, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:It is a distinct pleasure to recommend to you my team member Mr. Sai Santosh Avala for admission to the master’s program at your University.

Mr. Sai Avala is currently working under my supervision as an engineer, developing the code and also handling the deployment activities in a project for our client who is banking sector giant. I have worked closely with him for more than 16 months.I recommend Sai’s candidacy specifically for two reasons: Amiable personality and Analysing potentiality which I have noticed from an incident where there was a conflict of ideas among our developers about a production issue. After analyzing each possible scenario, Sai came up with a flawless innovative idea which outweighs the rest and he placidly explained his consideration to the team mentioning the merits and demerits of their stance.

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Where in which our team received a lot of appreciation from the client and senior management.I have noticed him getting along with his teammates very well. He has outstanding communication and observational skills. While ensuring that every function is discharged with complete focus and commitment to quality, he is also ever willing to take on added responsibilities in new areas and add different skills to his profile.

He has always been available and accessible whenever his team members needed support and guidance on technical and functional aspects. He has received many appreciations from the clients. Mr. Sai Avala has the ability to conceptualize complex problems by making decisions that are rational and systematic with the provided information. With this, he has performed various tasks in the project as a developer and as a release member(deployment) which helped us to meet deadlines and give best deliverables to the end customer by providing them with better solutions without missing any requirements. He is also an enthusiastic learner and is constantly in look out for learning new technologies uncovered. He is innovative in his thought process and this has helped him provide solutions to some critical issues which improved our client deliverables. He is proficient in C++, COBOL, JAVA, PYTHON, SQL and is skilled in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

He has excellent analytical abilities and is always ready to provide a lending hand to those in need. He is an individual who can bring value to the table, establishes a fine work-personal life balance, and meet every demand on the job.I support Mr. Sai’s decision to pursue a Master’s program at your reputed institution and recommend him wholeheartedly for the advanced learning course. There is immense potential in this young professional and he can reach further into himself to discover myriad new strengths and capabilities. Therefore, I heartily recommend him for the master’s program in your reputed university.

 I will be happy to provide you with any other additional information you deem necessary.


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