TO overall performance as excellent. During this


I am pleased to
recommend Mr. Owais Raza for the Master’s Program in your university. I have
known him as his instructor in the courses of “Power System Analysis” and
“Power System Protection” and also as a supervisor for his final year project. As a mentor I had the opportunity
to observe the student’s participation and progress and I would rate his
overall performance as excellent. During this time I have had interactions with
him on an academic and personal level. What struck me instantly was his
commitment to work and desire to achieve excellence in whatever he undertakes.

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He has always shown
deference and behaved decently with his teachers. The most important thing
about his personality is flexibility and adaptability. He keeps evolving,
learning, adapting and taking good things in. His personality changes according
to his surrounding people and environment. His greatest pleasure is to
challenge himself. Whenever he makes mistakes unintentionally, he redresses
them without any delay. He has the ability of teamwork and he has always
assumed the leading role among group members. Beside this, he can work
independently as well. He is a very mature person and I found him emotionally

Other than his academics,
he was also excelled in extra-curricular activities. Due to his abilities and potential,
he had been nominated as head of logistics team for NUST-PROWAR where he worked
tirelessly to make the event a great success. Apart from this he has also
represented NUST-PNEC in several technical competitions such as ROBOCOM hosted
by DHA Suffa and PRO-BATTLE hosted by Institute of Business administration
Karachi, and brought back laurels for the college.

Mr. Owais Raza is determined to face higher challenges and
strong competition. He is interested in strengthening his academic proficiency
by pursuing his higher studies. I do not feel any hesitation in stating that he
can perform well in future if he gets a proper platform. That is why I
recommend him for the graduate program.



Ashraf Yahyah

Assistant Professor

of Electronics and Power Engineering



National University of
Sciences and Technology (NUST)

PNS Jauhar, Habib
Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Karachi

Tel: +92-21-48503083

Email: [email protected]


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