To that prohibit chaining, tethering, and unreasonable confinement,

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Last updated: May 16, 2019

To prevent dog related injuries and attacks we can take a page from the generic Dangerous Dog Laws that address the root of the problem, irresponsible dog owners. Well written DDL’s place full responsibility on the owner in order to ensure they comply with state and local requirements.

Owners can be subjected to criminal charges, prohibitions, fines, felony, and even imprisonment for violating a DDL statute depending on the case and state. The two most important parts in understanding dog’s education and enforcement of laws.Laws that prohibit chaining, tethering, and unreasonable confinement, coupled with enhanced enforcement of animal cruelty and animal fighting laws Community-based approaches to resolving reckless guardian/dangerous dog questions that encompass all stakeholders, available dog bite data and recommended realistic and enforceable policiesFor years, the American Kennel Club, many animal organizations, and countless responsible dog owners have opposed breed-specific laws in favor of reasonable, enforceable dangerous dog laws that hold all owners responsible for their dogs’ behavior, regardless of breed.A. Education is the key to preventing dog attacks and promoting safer interactions between humans and dogs.

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In order to have effective animal control we must spend a considerable amount of time and effort on dog safety, public awareness, and education campaigns.1. A breakdown in communications between dog and human can have serious consequences. Young children should be taught at home and in school how to interact with dogs to avoid harm. The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar for school-age children that educates them on body language, behavior, and preventative safety measures.2. Additionally, obedient, trained, and socialized dogs are much more manageable and safer in communities. Offering affordable, low-cost, or even better FREE training will encourage dog owners to invest in understanding and bonding which in turn makes them more “valuable” to the owner.

3. Every year millions of unwanted puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats are euthanized. Offering affordable sterilization is a key to reducing the numbers of stray animals. By spaying or neutering you help protect your pet from serious health problems, prevent unwanted litters, and can significantly reduce many behavioral problems associated with the mating instincts. C. Better enforcement of existing laws would deter irresponsible dog owners and maintain better control over dogs in communities.

1. In most states it is mandatory that dog owners have their pets licensed. Dogs must have their license renewed every year and must display them at all times. The cost of a license is much less than the fine for getting caught without one. 2.

Strengthening and enforcing leash and harness laws will aid in containment of all animals. Owners should be held accountable for violating these laws and endangering the community and welfare of the animal. If a community cannot enforce simple leash laws, then how are they supposed to enforce breed bans?3.

Microchipping is permanent form of ID and they are now mandated by Dallas law along with strict breeding restrictions. Owners that want to breed their dogs must be a certified member of a purebred kennel club, pay a 100-dollar annual fee, limit dog to one litter a year, and also microchip.  It is clear after close analysis that BSL should be repealed since it is not a practical approach to protecting society from dog bite fatalities or injuries.


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