Today country and hope that one day

was the day we had to give lectures to teachers and everyone in the class about
the subject that we had been assigned to last week. I was nervous when I was
afraid to speak in front of the class. Ajarn Christos chose us to choose our
partner and partner Daisy and Yolanda.

subject that we have to present is the culture of the country in which we
lived. The subject that we have to present is the culture of the country in
which we lived. We come from Vietnam so we will give a presentation about it,
about traditional festivals, also known as Tet, which have been preserved by
Vietnamese children for so long. Not only about the festival, we also share
more information about food, weather, fruit tray, and activities that we will
experience during the New Year. We want to bring the culture of Vietnam to
introduce for another country to understand more about my country and hope that
one day they will come to Vietnam and experience the new things here.

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my partner and I worked hard to finish the topic with the best way. We are live
in three different areas and apart, so it is very difficult to meet, so we
decided to use google drive to communicate with each other. Since I have not
known each other before, I also worry that I will not be able to integrate with
partner, but contrary to that, people are very active and quickly complete
their piece. Of course, in a group, people do not always get along well,
everyone has their own opinion, so does my group. Despite some controversy, but
as we understand each other better and accomplish their part better. When we
started the presentation, I was the first person to speak, I was very worried
about my part, and I hoped that he would give us a good spot. We may have been
over time and may not be perfect, but we were happy to be able to complete the
presentation. The person who speak second is Daisy, she speaks very fast but
the pronunciation still good and her voice can make another people feel excited
to listen she speaks. The final is Yolanda, a cute girl, she works very hard,
and has many ideas. We’d done with our part and now we can relax a few minutes.

            The presentation of other groups is
also very interesting, very interesting. I can learn more about them, learn
more about the cultures of Thailand, China, India and Nepal. When I talk to
people, they say they are as nervous as they are when they talk, but when they
do, I feel very confident and very clear. Because in my class, most of people
are from China and Thailand, so almost all the presentations are the same, but
in similarity, they have different images, intonation and presentation. They can
make the presentation more special. The culture in China has many similarities
in Vietnam, they also have traditional holidays, candy and cake are almost
identical to Vietnam. Thai culture is influenced by India, China and Cambodia.
So there are many people carrying Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. They eat very
spicy foods, some are very sweet, and some are very famous and it becomes specialty
in Thailand. In India and Nepal is much different than in Vietnam, and I also
wish that at some point I would be able to join in New Year, traditional
holidays and travel in those countries. I almost understood all the things they
said and enjoyed their presentations. That gives me more motivation to improve
myself, improve my ability a lot.

my part, whenever I have to explain, I always worry about myself whether I will
do well or not. Will I make a mistake? I always try to think simple, avoid
repeating the same mistakes, draw experience for the next presentation. This is
especially the first time I have to speak in front of a lot of people and some
have experienced, so I was very worried. 

end of the second week was very fast and I felt a bit relieved when I finished
my lesson. I can develop more knowledge about the cultures of the countries.
Although my skills are not perfect, I hope my efforts can be rewarded. Although
the tradition of each country is different, but tradition is very proud and
passed down many years ago. Everyone should be proud of it and at the same time
respect the cultures of other countries.



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