Today, than air, has characteristics such as inflammable,

Today, in the era of energy resources deficit, the importance of the transit countries in proximity to hydrocarbon rich regions increases. Energy is a fundamental element for the realization of sustainable development and economic growth; consequently, interdependency of countries in energy is an incontrovertible reality of the global economy. It is essential to maintain energy security of the countries hence it had triggered to establish rules, energy policies for the sake of good life standards. From the earliest of the 2000s, Turkey has been experienced a time of improvements and liberalisation in the energy sector.

Early 1980’s natural gas has become a commodity since industrial improvements came out and started to being used widely through the Turkey. Firstly, the introduction of natural gas to gas fired power plants for generation of electricity afterwards households consumption, industries, and other utilities contributed cumulatively till nowadays so that natural gas has become the main source of the energy sector. Natural gas has a huge impact on the comfort of our lives, in other words, it is an instrument for a human being to ease the main needs. It is certain that Turkey’s rapid improvements where natural gas contributed a lot to the imperative components of treatable monetary development. Natural gas is a product of hydrocarbon complex consists of methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6) in form of a gas lighter than air, has characteristics such as inflammable, no colour and odourless. Natural gas, apart from being considered relatively less pollutant and more efficient than other fossil fuels as an energy source, is also a broadly demanded commodity for the world’s energy supply. Natural gas, a viable fossil fuel, is already a commercially viable product and is the main energy source; after oil, is the second largest volume of tradable product is natural gas between other commodities. 80 trillion m3 of the natural gas reserves (43%) are located in Middle Eastern countries, 54 trillion m3 (29%) in Russia and the CIS and 30 trillion m3 (16%) in African/Asia Pacific countries 1.

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Energy concerns and security of supply issues are embrangled items of the new trends on the geopolitics and call for energy projects 2. According to M.T. Klare newly established energy orders in nowadays worldwide nations might be differentiated under energy-surplus and energy-deficit countries 3. Diversification of the gas imports for countries and for instance in the EU, it is the essential purpose in order to avoid becoming dependent on one producer or transforming to a transit country (as in the cases of Ukraine and Turkey).

Incontrovertibly, due to its geostrategic natural bridge position between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey has the aim of becoming a regional natural gas trading hub. Speaking of which is already going live by the enactment of reformer Law No. 4646 that had set forth the liberalisation process of the Turkish natural gas market. Moreover, there are several infrastructural projects on going and potential projects are in negotiation; in the meanwhile, natural gas exchange linked to EP?A? is under development.

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