Today, pursuing Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (ECE) during

Today, with the ever-increasing data that businesses have in terms of volume and size, it is important to use technology and expertise to infer information from it more efficiently.

Working with Accenture since 2010, SAP-ABAP Data and Development, happens to be my primary skill, I appreciate what fortune can predictive analysis of data bring to businesses. Masters in Data Science in NEU has the right blend of technical and functional courses, which would help me to enhance my technical prowess and provide me the business insight that I need for a smooth transition into a techno-functional role. Data development and researching have become indispensable for success in a myriad of live examples. Few among them to name are checking the market trend in businesses, tactics setup in sports, stock price movement in the stock market and are even used during marketing strategy for election. These examples are a few which I come across in daily life. Being an active investor, I have keenly observed how companies predict the stock price movement by using data analysis. I have completed my degree program at Krupajal Engineering College, Odisha and C Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Mathematics-I and II were the subjects I took up while I was pursuing Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (ECE) during 2006-2010 before I joined Accenture. During my tenure of more than 7 years at Accenture Solutions Pvt.

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Ltd, I have successfully completed multiple SAP-End to End implementation projects for different businesses like Oil and Gas, Steel manufacturing, Power Generation, Retail, and FMCG. Since I have worked very closely with client at the client site, I have meticulously observed how these businesses have profited from such ERP technologies, and this has magnified my interest in Data Science.Predictive Analysis through large historic data analysis is a blossoming, presently challenging and an essential subject for businesses today, and I see my future in this field. After my MS, with the gained knowledge and plethora of project experience during my employment tenure, I aspire to be in a big consulting firm like Accenture or the Big 4’s or companies such as Mircosoft, Google, Amazon or Facebook where I can be a Data Scientist acting as Solution/Project Architect making predictions to help businesses take an accurate decision and driving projects that would improve ease-of-doing-business by providing on cloud solutions.

In addition to a rigorous curriculum, North Eastern University in Boston has also got Co-op program where the students are given the opportunity to go through 12 months of professional experience. And such an opportunity would propel any student in his growth towards intellectual and personal growth by adding depth to the classroom study. This is the best thing that a student can expect and this excites me the most. Michelle Borkin (Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science), who will be taking up courses on Data Science is also a Ph.

D. candidate in Applied Physics. Her research focuses on the developments of visualization techniques and tools for multiple scientific and engineering domains. She is someone I hope to engage with, to enhance my skills in the related fields. With an option to study and gain practical experience at the same time with the Co-op Program in place combined with my analytical and reasoning skills, North Eastern University, Boston in true sense would augment my knowledge base and add tremendous value in enabling me to realize my professional goals.




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