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Last updated: May 3, 2019

Today, new reformsin education in the contemporary world are to search effective approaches fortrainee teachers and it must be done by linking with integration of ICTs inteaching instead use of only technology. The training program for such traineeteachers are designed for enhancement of skills needed and responsiveness tothe modern challenges. Using ICTs in teaching and learning process is animportant source to create new methods and approaches with the activeparticipation of young trainers and trainees.

It is important to understand thatthe conventional and used professional development programs are based on orthodoxtraining approaches, rigidity, costly, overwhelming and do not fulfill therequirement of modern needs.The use of ICT ineducation adds value to teaching and learning, by enhancing the effectivenessof learning. It added a dimension to learning that was not previously available.After the inception of ICT in schools, students found learning in a technology-enhanced environment morestimulating and engaging than in a traditional classroom environment. Theever changing scenario of development and incorporation of ICT will well equiptrainee teachers and their initial staff development topics of high demandwhich include improving students with reading and writing skills, technologyskills, working with inclusion students, working with diverse populations,active learning strategies. Majority of the trainee teachers in their initialtraining in the beginning know little regarding the use of technology inteaching and learning process and its effectiveness in instruction.Information Technology is an amalgam of processing, communication,reservation, and multimedia capabilities.

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The main aim that is played bycommunication networks is called information and communication technology. Today,information and communication technology (ICT) is of first rate in educationsystems, but the origin is based on scientific finding particularly trainingsciences, developmental psychology, knowledge and education capability. Under theumbrella of IT, the inequities and hand can be lessened and educational systemscan encourage knowledge and skill of the learner thereby promoting andimproving creativity, critical thinking and analyzing how to learn. ICT has animportant prominent role in knowledge due to its changeable ability and itscapability to making relationship among students.

Change-oriented approachesbelieve in the change of ICT. It has changed the tools and even the policiesand educational goals fundamentally. If a sufficient effort is made in order toproperly apply the use of IT in making it a base in development,then this canbe considered one of the greatest resource of skillful and proficient humanpower in IT and can play on important scientific and economic role in thecountry and in world competitions as well as it provides the real opportunityfor fundamental progress and development of the country. If the curriculum isaccording to the real need of the learner, it increases their interest forincremental learning and IT, because of its variety and being benefited from agreat deal of information has a property to meet different needs of the learnerand interest them in contents of the curricula. Computer-based learning is one of the modules of schoolcommunication tool that has helped students to enhance their learning skillsthrough computer aided education. It imparts computer knowledge in students andenables them to obtain large amounts of information from various websites.After two decades computers in schools, education has been revolutionized eversince. It reduces the time spent on mechanical tasks such as rewriting,producing graphs and increases the scope of searching.

It not only helps infinding information but also in organizing information making it easier toshare with others. Internet tools such as E-mail, social networks, newsgroupsand video transmission have connected the world like never before. Students cancommunicate using emails and social networking groups that provide knowledgebased information.

Distance learning, online learning is enabled through theinternet. Students can learn online and also talk to experts online. Notes,readings, tutorials, assignments can be received by students from anywhere.

TheInternet gives major information in texts, audios, videos and graphics whichcan be accessed by the individual. Online learning allows the students tointeract with each other and faculty to interact with students.With the oncomimgof ICT in education, classroom learning is one attribute that makes learningexperiential and experimental to students.

Students can listen to theinstructor or teacher, receive visual cues through PowerPoint images, handoutsor whiteboard lists and participate actively. This helps in instant interactionand students have opportunities to ask questions and participate in livediscussions. This school communication software module also benefits in makingand maintaining personal and professional relationships as classrooms offergreater personal contact with other students and teachers.

Video conferencingis yet another medium of communication where students can communicate with otherstudents or instructors online. It makes students capable to become activeparticipants in their own learning. It is a powerful communication tool thathas the potential to change the way we deliver information to students. It is just one of the today’s integrative technologies that empower students toprepare for a better future. 


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