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Today I have five graphic design trends for 2018 I’m going to look at if they’re important and not to follow at the very end of this video so let’s take a brief look at these five graphic design trends for 2018 so double exposure has been an effect that’s been around for quite a few years already but we’re definitely seeing a rise in the use of the doubleexposure effect more and more going into 2018 designers are not only experimenting with its effect for fun and for fun artwork but it’s being used in advertising and other areas of design as well so you can expect to see double exposure making more and more of an impact in graphic design into the new year the double exposure effect is typically made of Photoshop and I myself have even made a tutorial on the double exposure effect back in the ——————- and yeah does make Photoshop tutorials from time to time once in a blue moon springs to mind the next graphic design trend that you can expect to see a lot more of in 2018 is responsive logo design responsive design has been around for about a decade already and since then it’s become more and more a standard within the industry the rapid rise of mobile design and mobile interfaces has caused some usability issues with standardwebsites designers developers experiment with different ways to adapt to this change and thus they laid the groundwork for what has become known as responsive design so with that being said you might have seen that Lakers have responded tothis as well and any typical logo design now has two or multiple versions of itself going down in simplicity to adapt to responsive design and this is only going to become a bigger bigger thing going into 2018 and onwards so I’m sure you guys have all heard of well you know about the bright and colorful hues of the 80s and the 90s well it’s gaining popularity once again as we move away from ultra ultra flat design you can expect to see more geometric patterns inspired by the era of the 80s and the 90s I myself have seen this all over Instagram and you can expect to see more of in 2018 it’s funny to see how like fashion trends go around in circles and they repeat themselves over and over again what design trends are no different so when it comes to typography in 2018 you can expect that everything bigger and bolder is better so designers are going to be opting for artistic effects and bold type for the headlines of their designs how better conspired sans-serif fonts are going tobe the main course when it comes to typography and they seem to remain fashionable throughout time so you can expect to see a lot more typefaces ofthis nature in 2018 and I’m personally fine with this because I really do loveSan serif bold fonts so just how that’s go I think they’re really stylish incontemporary and they work across the board however there’s a time and a place for everything and you need to keep that in mind especially when typography is concerned so the last trend for 2018 when it comes to graphic design is custom graphics the demand for custom art and custom graphics in design is growing and growing growing custom imagery has always played a role when it comes to print media but that’s also growing aswell however when it comes to digital media custom graphics has kind of taken a backseat stock imagery was the gate to for many many designers now advertisers and brands are elected for custom graphics to stand out and designers are following suit now ready to love this because I like to be individual and I like designers to do their own thing instead of just pulling stock imagery from a website it can only breed more creativity so there were five trends in graphic designer you can expect in 2018 I feel that’s always helpful to be aware and to grasp the trends that are going on in the design world as a graphic designer within the community of designers it helps to understand what the trends are as it allows us to communicate integrate together as one big family so for example posting creative artwork on Instagram or socialmedia that follows these trends it gets everybody talking and communicating and designing things together as a family this can also boost communication between designers and clients interacting between these trends as well also it does work for specific areas of graphic design in terms of work projects if it’s using a skill for mana if you’re designing content that’s going to be consumed by the viewer and gone away in a matter of months using graphic design trends can be a good idea however I have a major gripe when using graphic design trend for something like brand or logo design that is apart from responsive logo design which is a bit different I’m talking about typographic and style trends when you’re designing a brand or logo you wanted to stand the test of time you don’t want it to be washed out when a trend that comes and goes because a trend typically lasts like a year or two of the Mist so when you’re designing a brand or logo forget the trends and concentrate on the brief and the brand itself so what do you think about graphic line trends and grapples and trends of 2018. 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