Tourism key part in every sector. This initiative

Tourism and digital transformation
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Abstract:Advancement is the key part of any sector. Time to time, various technologies are in inventing process. There are a lot of numbers of inventions that are making our life so easy. That’s why now it is not possible to keep away the technology from any aspect of life. Technology has made its key part in every sector. This initiative put the positive impacts on the industry and the industry is booming day and night. That’s why we cannot ignore the role part of technology in the tourism sector too. Tourism sector is an emerging sector globally and helping in exploring the areas and generating revenue. So it is essential to find out the transformation of technology in tourism sector. Some terms are also used to explain the relation between tourism and digital transformation. That will help in better understanding that digital transformation of tourism elements are helping in boosting the sector and to maximize the tourist needs.

Introduction:Digitization:Changes are required in every sector with the passage of time; these changes can be of any kind. But all changes come only from study, research and gaining knowledge. The process of making changes in the field is known as digitization.

Digital Transformation:Now the time is changed, different kind of technologies are inventing day and night. And the technology is reaching at its top day by day. Technology is the information or knowledge that we put in practical use for humanity betterment. And the process of digitizing on the technology bases is called as digitalizing or digital transformation.

So Digital transformation is any innovation introduced in a sector or field to make the required results easy, durable and solid. The term digital transformation is too much easy to understand but it also too much complex to handle. Digital transformation is based on latest technology and electronics that are getting more convenient with the passage of time. Every day, every hour, every minute or every second, scientists are inventing new and useful devices to make our life advance and easy. These all innovations are trending the transformation to its high.

Range of digital transformation:Some people consider the digital transformation only to web portal, e-commerce, internet or some kind of virtual communities like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo etc. But in fact digital transformation has a broad sense. That it includes all kind of technologies, devices and the things that comfort the human being, save the time and money, and minimize the use of man power.

We can take the role part of digital transformation in industry sector, residential areas, medical, engineering, marketing, sports, transportation, hospitality, tourism etc.

Tourism and digital transformation:There are many sectors in the world but the tourism sector is one of the important sectors of all that it not only provides a leisure activity to its participants but it also covers many aspects of life. These aspects can be of many types as intellectual activities, personal interest, living standards, likes and dislike, culture etc.

As per all other sectors, tourism is also an emerging sector in twenty first century. With the inventions of different technologies, customer lifestyle is enhanced. Now people love to live in a healthy, comfortable and easy environment. Now refrigerators, LCDs, cameras, mobile phones, air conditioners, ovens, lights, fans, iron, cars, bikes or many more did not only enhance the life style of the people but also provide them leisure time and extra source of income that are generating disposable income. Now people have enough time to spend in extracurricular activities or some fun out of their daily routine. With the advancement of technology, world is not only called “Global Village” but it also helped the people to explore new areas and to enjoy the natural beauty to it high and too much closely.

So it is to be needed to establish this sector on the modern techniques. So digitalization also plays a leading role in the advancement of tourism. And the most convenient way to achieve this goal is to use electronic and digital technologies that it not only safe our time appropriately but it also represent the actual data and help in analyzing the things in a meaning full way effectively and efficiently.

With the passage of time, literature rate is also going high, so now people have potential to do something new, so as per other activities people are now interested in to visit different places and to explore new areas. Exploring not only help in finding new natural sites but it also helps in learning new cultures as well.

So it is the demand of time to link tourism and digital transformation (Development of technologies). And it becomes an emerging issue now days to settle.

But why it is an emerging issue? And why the digital transformation is too much important?
For access of business, digital transformation plays an important virtual role:
It is necessary to meet tourist satisfactions.

Digital transformation is becoming more imperative for small, medium and large scale tour companies to plan tourism.

Digital transformation leads to more profit.

Can catch up the sector to a large extent
So tourism is boosting up day by day and digital transformation is enhancing the business to its peak. Here we will not only tell the relation of tourism and digital transformation but we also discuss that how much part the digital transformation is playing in the tourism sector.

The basic elements to keep in mind while linking the tourism with digital transformation are:
Operational Transformation
Customer Experience
Operational Transformation:Operational process includes production and their involvement such as using apps connected to software applications. It involves management participation through monitoring of travelling process, system and people.
Customer Experience:Digitalization can be understood by the needs and wants of tourist in all aspects. Experience of customer can be managed through various online portals.

Innovations:Digitalization offers many opportunities innovating products of an organization. It can facilitate customer in their banking terms and payment procedures.

First of all, tourism has three basic elements that indulge the tourism to get high. 1) Potential customer, 2) Service provider (also known as Tour operators), 3) Attractions to visit.The technologies that are involved in providing easiness to tourism are enlisted as:
Accommodation services, Transportation, Medical, Food.

Transformation is helping in Accommodating tourist:As we observe in our daily life, the facilities that enhanced our lifestyle are many more. We do not only enjoy them at home but also wants the same services in chosen destination, Now a lot of five star hotels are offering that services in different destinations. These hotels have the largest set up of accommodation, food, laundry and some have also transportation to pick and drop and guides to help the tourists,
If we only talk about a hotel’s infrastructure, it is the biggest example of digital transformation as too much heavy infrastructures cannot be building up without modern ways and the help of computer technology. Computers are helping in making maps, monitoring, handling the construction and the system after it.

Transformation and transportation:Transport is a best example of digital transformation. Centuries ago, people used animals and carts to reach the required destination and it took a lot of time and effort. Than some smart minds invent the very first cycle that make the transportation much easy than before. Then with the passage of time, cycle to motor bike, motor bike to car, car to bus, ships, helicopters, air planes are invented. That makes the travelling too much easy that we can make our journey within few hours that took many days in future.

Transformation and eatables:Digitization also improves the methods to preserve food for a long time. Now we have HACCP to secure food from different viruses and bacteria. With the advancement of technology, now we can pack the food in tins, jars, wraps, that are useful techniques after the modernization in technology. Heavy digital food packaging plants are now preserving the food to use it for a long period of time. Now we are pasturing or sterilizing the food on digital ways. It not only helps in a healthy environment but it also allows the people to visit long way areas. Because now the people know that they cannot find those required food needs at every place.

Transformation and medical:Digitalization also improved the medical field that secures the tourist from any danger or disease. Centuries ago people died because of no proper vaccination. But with the passage of time, innovations are also taking part in medical sector. Now the people have no fear of travelling new area just because of oxygen diseases. People now take proper vaccination before going anywhere around the globe. Or during their travelling, they also have proper facilities in case of any incident.

Technology also helped in road infrastructure. Now with the advancement of technology better, concreted, secure roads are developed that minimize the risk of accidents.

Social Media and Tourism:To define social media in easy and useful means, it is divided into different categories. So to find out its impact on tourism, first thing to learn is the categories of these social Medias.

Social media is a public platform to connect the people, to share the ideas and to learn creativity more effectively worldwide. It is generally divided into following categories:
Publishing: These types of apps allow a user to create and upload its own knowledge, developments and information globally.

Sharing: This media allows the people to share their ideas, thinking and concepts globally.

Playing: Different type of gaming applications helping the next generation to use its leisure time to its peak.Networking: Helps in engaging people worldwide to share, participate and contact different people to learn and to explore things.

Buying: Online E-Commerce websites to purchase the daily use stuff like, Mundy, Olx etc.Localizing: Adoption of anything from different culture or nation is known as localizing.

These categories are explaining the link of social media to tourism as all these are required and play a key role in tourism sector.

Conclusion:This study aim to determine the role of technological enforcement in the tourism industry. Technology is playing a role of oxygen now a day in our lives. It is not possible now to assume the living without technology. Infrastructure, transport, leisure, medical, in short in every sector, tourism is playing an essential role. But this is not the end. Innovations are coming across day and night so the improvement and modernization is getting better day by day. It is concluded that we cannot describe the digital transformation because of new trends approaching the sectors. But still it contributed a main role the modernized the sector more than the expectations of any single one.

References: Reference:Tourism Information Technology (2nd Edition)
By: Pierre. BenchkendorffPauline j.sheldonDaniel

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