Wash used to wash (for 2x2mins). The coverslips

Wash is removed with 2ml of PBS for 2 x 1minutes, using a Pasteur pipette. Approximately 500µl of the FITC-Phalloidin/DAPI/ Alexa Fluor 568 goat anti-rabbit combined stain is added onto each coverslip. This is left for an hour in the dark and at room temperature. For the remainder of the protocol, the cells must continue to be kept […]

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In principle, the analysis of seepage behaviour is represented by a network of flow lines and equipotential lines, constituting a flow net. A flow line is a line along which a water particle will travel from upstream to the downstream side in the permeable soil medium, whereas an equipotential line is a line along which the potential head […]

A the equator, several ships the Pequod

A man named Ishmael has the urge to go on a whaling boat. He has had experience at sea in merchant ships, and the sea is where he goes when he is feeling melancholy, but this time he wants to go whaling. He travels to New Bedford, where the only inn he can afford is full, meaning he […]

article studies social-network theories and how micro-level

 article written by M.Granovetter in May-1973. He studies social-network theories and how micro-level social interactions and networking patterns can further be transformed into a bigger-scale interaction or say social-networks. Author tries to prove importance of weak-ties among groups of individuals by analysing structural components. Article starts with the definition of “strength of an interpersonal tie” (Granovetter, 1973, p […]

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The strengthening of the Philippine peso against the US dollars might have dangerous implications to the economy. Because of the peso appreciation, the imports and foreign travel will be cheaper. But the exports and tourism in our country will be more expensive to the foreigners. Our country can buy imports but the foreigners will realize that our exports […]

Examining in Karonga district and other places where

Examining the importance of bicycle parking facility towards the reduction of theft of bicycle in Karonga. Statement of Problem Karonga district is one of the districts in Malawi where many people do rely on bicycles as their mode of transport. In Karonga, mainly around Karonga main market, more than four thousand registered bicycles are used as taxi (Chairman […]

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In Orisha a world where Magic has disappeared and people who used to have magical abilities are discriminated, Zélie a 16 – year old girl was chosen by the gods to bring the magic back to the diviners by performing a holy ritual. She meets Amari, the daughter of king Saran who fears and hates magic, but Amari […]

Intermediate extended to support routing of data

Intermediate System to Intermediate System is an extensible intra domain routing protocol designed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as part of DECnet Phase V networks. IS–IS was made a standard routing protocol by the ISO in 1992 for communication between network devices referred to as intermediate systems (Kaur et al, 2014). The purpose of standardizing IS–IS is to […]

The there are reduced levels of cholesterol,

The synthesis of cholesterol can be regulated by targeting the enzymes used in these reactions by various methods, however, it is most commonly exerted at the beginning of the pathway at the HMG-CoA reductase step. Evidence of this can be seen by the sterol mediated regulation of transcription. Sterol regulatory element binding protein (SREBP) binds to a short […]

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The Purchasing Guide for Hockey Bags A true hockey player understands the importance of having a high quality hockey bag to haul all of their gaming gear. Nothing is more frustrating than owning a bag that is unable to accommodate each piece of equipment and all accessories required to play the game of hockey. Hockey is not a […]

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