Trinidy as well. The population went from being

Trinidy Dudley
U.S. History A

When looking at different situations that have happened throughout the years, it’s clear that they have been reacted to differently based on the time-period, which brings about the question, just how much have different factors of the United States changed throughout the period of ninety-four years (1776-1870)?
Back in 1776, the United States was just formed into the original thirteen colonies. Versus in the 1870s, when the U.S. expanded to include a few more states. Population wise, with the expansion to include the new states, of course the people in those states were counted as citizens as well. The population went from being predominantly free whites and slaves, to free whites and free blacks as well.
Different forms of transportation were introduced throughout the time-period. Things like different types of boats, and railroad-cars changed life drastically. There was also the invention of the cotton gin, which made cotton easier to produce and made it more profitable.

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