Types of Sports Fans

Types of Sports Fans BY Deejay305 Sports Fans Sports! There are around 8,000 different types of sports in the world! In America, out of those 8,000 sports, we participate in only 137. Even though it’s a small amount compared to the total that’s still a very wide variety of sports. With the vast amount sports, there are fans everywhere. There are 317 million people living in the United States. Excluding about 20 million for kids age 5 and under, 82 percent of the 297 million are sports fans.

Meaning there are about 243. 5 million sports fans in the United States.There are multiple categories that these fans could be in. But there are three main types of fans that you are most likely to come across. There’s the casual fan, die-hards, and bandwagoners. First, let’s take a look at the casual fan. These are the fans that often don’t follow teams or sports very much, but usually can keep up with what’s going on. They also most likely won’t watch or go to games on their own, but they’ll go tailgating and go to games or watch games on TV with friends.

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Casual fans are often fairly educated in sports and one of the easiest fans to get along with.They are easier to get along with because they are usually laid back, appreciate games and talent, and are more open- minded on topics about sports than most fans. They won’t argue with you over what team is the best or which athlete is better than another.

Casual fans will state their opinion, then listen to opposing viewpoints and are willing to agree with someone and change their opinion or stay with their view. One of my friends, Lawrence, is a casual fan. Lawrence is not the most athletic of the bunch; neither is he the biggest fan of sports.When my friends and I are hanging out we talk about sports a lot. If Lawrence is with us and we’re talking about sports he usually asks quite a few questions. Like, “What’s going on in college football? “, “Are the Rams doing any good this year? “, or “When’s the next game big game? ” He understands the rules of a sport and seems to enjoy watch games when we do, he Just does follow sports on his own. It’s understandable why he doesn’t follow sports because other than playing little league soccer when he was seven, and he quit five games into the season, Lawrence doesn’t play sports.He says sports are fun to watch, but he’d rather spend the time atching or doing something else, like watching Star Trek or doing homework.

Next we have the die-hards. Die-hards are the fans that support one team no matter what. Through thick and thin, rain or shine, hot or cold, they are there for their team. Even if the team is terrible or theyre the laughing stock of the league, die- hards will still root for them.

It could be -10 degrees out and snowing and theyll still be at the game cheering the team on. Die-hards always watch their team play or find some kind of way to stay updated for every game.They usually either have season ickets if they can afford it or they watch, listen, or stay updated for every game. Die- hards also know almost every player on their favorite team’s roster and the stats most of those players as well.

I am a die-hard fan. In football, I have four favorite teams, the Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes, New Orleans Saints, and the Seattle Seahawks. Being from Miami IVe always been a Dolphins and Hurricanes fan, and vlsltlng Tamlly In New Orleans at least once a year since I was Y, I Decame a salnts Tan too.Around age 12 1 became a Seahawks fan because I liked players on the team and ecause they were pretty good. Each of these teams has gone through rough times since IVe been a fan of them and I stuck through it with them. In recent years, the Miami Hurricanes have not done very good.

Waiting for a turnaround, this year they didn’t do too badly, and they look like they’ll be getting better for next year. Being a die-hard is tough. You have to be optimistic and have tough skin. Other fans will make fun of your team if they aren’t doing very good or try to cut them down to make you feel bad.

You have to stay strong and rise above the hate. Finally, we have the worst of the worst, the bandwagoners. A bandwagoner is someone who shamelessly cheers for a particular team not because he likes them or follows them faithfully, but only because that particular team is the “popular” choice or has been or is the top team in their specific sport recently. When that team which bandwagoners follow starts to fall, they gleefully Jump on the next team’s bandwagon and cheer for that team. These fans suck. They cheer for teams like they have been cheering for them for years.Bandwagoners especially suck when they start to cheer for a team you cheer for.

You want to ask “Where were you last year when we were 2-15? ” Rarely is there ever an answer to this question. The best example of bandwagoners is a lot of the “fans” of the Alabama college football team. Nearly everyone in the country seems to be “Alabama fans”. Even announcers, commentators, and most sports analysts are “Alabama Fans”. Yet most of them don’t know anything about the team, other than that they are good, can’t name anyone on the team except maybe the best player. Alabama football has become America’s college football team.

Sadly for Alabama, they lost last weekend, so they will lose ome of those fans because they won’t be in the championship this year. It’s Just pitiful right? But, that’s bandwagoners for you. So all in all, these are three most common fans you might run into. There many categories that a fan may fall into. But the category fans need to stay away from is the bandwagoners. Please, for the love of God do not become a bandwagoner. I suggest being a die-hard, but it sometimes won’t be fun and it’s not easy. So push comes to shove, being a casual fan is not a bad thing.

If anything, it’s a great thing because you’re not a bandwagoner!



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