Typically, students but in the age we are

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Last updated: June 3, 2019

Typically, a school should have a website that showcases what the school offers to prospective students but in the age we are right now, it is important for a school to have a portal that acts as a gateway to the school internal and external resources. This would help the school most importantly to either move ahead of its competitors or keep up to them. But the school is faced with a dilemma.

Should it develop and use the portal instantly. An instant portal brings the risk of making sure all the information that has been captured over the years of the school existence gets accurately stored in the portal.The best option is to step-by-step implement the university portal.

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This helps to make sure that firstly information are captured correctly and there is no disruption to the school services.• SCOPE AND OBJECTIVES OF ONLINE STUDENT PORTALThe functionalities of our proposed online student portal is similar with a basic online gateway for students. It includes a secured login system for students, management of biographical records for each student, course offerings per semester along with scheduling and instructor specification, tuition fees payment system, notice board for upcoming events or possible changes.• PRODUCT RELATED DELIVERABLES1. Design Documents2.

Prototype3. Server installation and connection4. Training of IT staffs• SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT SCHEDULE AND TOTAL ESTIMATED BUDGETThe project scheduled to go on for a year and the estimated budget is 1,000,000 CAD. It covers human resources and hardware requirements such as servers, cables, etc.• SCOPE OR OBJECTIVES TO BE EXCLUDEDThe scope excludes the functionality related to the staff, housing opportunities, student transportation system, live chat with respective staff and an implementation of a mobile application.• MANAGEMENT OF THE SCOPE CREEP1. Schedule regular meetings with the stakeholders to get necessary feedback.

2. Use a project management software to keep all stakeholders updated.3. Strictly adhere to the business cases.


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