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Uncovering Motives Behind Substance AbuseFreedom and chaos are the two words that best describe the society today. We live in the modern era, where people are able to live their life more freely. There are lots of people with different ages that does things beyond their limit or beyond their age restriction, as well as do things with or without other’s approval. This includes not only adults, but also young people (adolescents) that uses dangerous substances. It is still questionable for those particular people to overuse certain substances that may lead to the danger zone. In this case, what are the motives for teenagers and adults to abuse substance? Substance abuse is the excessive use of drugs, alcohol or chemicals. It results in physical, psychological, and emotional harm to the user or others. The most used abused substances includes alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, codeine and morphine (narcotic painkillers), and many others. For teenagers, the cause of substance abuse mostly involve curiosity and peer pressure that leads to their first drug experience. It is natural for teenagers to conduct risky behavior, since they are in the phase of exploration, where they have the wants and needs to explore new things out of their comfort zone. Other than that, some teenagers consume drugs for ‘self-medication’. They find specific drugs like marijuana could help relieve anxiety or depression, or ecstasy or cocaine that could increase energy and heightened sensation. Whereas for those who are older, they usually experience substance abuse due to addiction ever since they were young, or due to internal conflicts involving stress due to workload, family problems, and etc. Both young adults and adults does abuse drugs and alcohol to also feel good. In conclusion, it is understandable that most people uses drugs to escape from reality, or to at least escape from conflicts in life. However, it would be better to limit yourself from being involved in risky behaviours. It would be the perfect fit for teenagers to do other activities (e.g. outdoor activities) that does not involve any substances and would maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time. This is due to the excessive amount of substances or frequent consumption that will most likely lead to addiction, which results an unhealthy lifestyle.

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