Unexpectedly, Secondly, taking into perspective that the temperatures

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Last updated: May 8, 2019

Unexpectedly, Qatar was the winner in December 2010 of FIFA’s vote to decide the hosts for the 2022 World Cup prevailing out competition from the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Austraila. In recent months, a lot of concerns were raised about the temperatures in Qatar in summer, when the World Cup is scheduled to happen. A lot of fears arise that the burning summer temperatures exceeding 40c could represent a hazardous and very severe risk to the strength of the players and supporters.

This persuaded a considerable amount of authorities and sporting officials to forward the case to move the World Cup in winter where the heat falls to an average temperature of 20c. if this somehow managed to occur it would be for the very first time in 92 years that the tournament has not been hosted in the summer. On the other hand, Qatari Authorities state that they are more than prepared to install high-quality air conditioning systems in the stadiums, however, this may not be sufficient enough to make the games an enjoyable experience for the fans.There are many points and counterpoints to be considered when moving the World Cup in winter.

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So in order to fully comprehend the consequences of this movement, we must look at it from a variety of angles.First of all, participating in the World Cup requires a lot of physical effort for a long time. Keeping in mind that the World Cup itself goes on for a couple of weeks, and there are a lot of weeks of training and further preparations beforehand in to get the players in the ideal and fittest form possible. This gives the implication that they are presented with a great deal of physical pressure and the need to play or prepare regardless of the weather conditions an worrying about further temperature increase.Secondly, taking into perspective that the temperatures are ranging from 35c to 40c during the summer in various different areas of the country. It would be dangerous to allow the players to train an play in those conditions. According to former France International, and Everton striker Louis Saha, he revealed to BBC Sports that it is almost impossible for players to deal with the Middle Eastern country’s incredibly high summer temperatures.

It is not only the players that could potentially get hurt but also the game itself, as you cannot expect a similar show from exhausted, light-headed and depleted players.Among FIFA’s top priorities, is the health and wellbeing of all those participating in the World Cup, especially the players. To prove this FIFA’s vice president Jim Boyce, said he would support the decision to move the World Cup to winter. Citing risks of heat-related illnesses as his primary reason for concern.One of the most crucial parts of the game is obviously the fans. They are the ones who travel and are willing to pay a lot of money to watch the games and support the teams.

Without the movements made by the supporters and the great cheering, football would not be as popular as it is today. Accordingly, we should think about how well these humongous number of fans from all over the world to come to Qatar feel during the competition.According to FIFA’s own medical chief, Michel D’ Hooghe, the 2022 World Cup hosted by Qatar must be switched to winter. Michel D’ Hooghe, the chairman of the FIFA’s medical committee, said that the dangers postured to supporters with extraordinary heat are very excessive. ” I am sure the Qataris have the technical skill to organize a tournament where teams could play and train in a stable atmosphere.

At the end of the day, the Qataris do have the authoritative support for a change of plan, as even Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s President has become aware ” After many discussions, deliberations and critical review of the entire matter, I came to the conclusion that playing the World Cup in the heat of Qatar’s summer was simply not a responsible thing to do”.On the other hand, moving the World Cup to winter has its own challenges. When Qatar won the bid to host the World Cup in 2022, it did so knowing the consequences of hosting it in summer would have.

Therefore moving it to winter could set an unfair precedent to other countries, especially those who had also put in a bid to host the event. These countries could easily say, that had their concerns about Qatar hosting during the summer then other nations should have been prioritized to host. If Qatar is allowed to move the World Cup to the winter, then this should be an option for everyone in the future – in order to be fair. However, this would be unpractical and unlikely to happen.At the beginning of each year, the biggest media organizations would make arrangements and schedules to see which of the huge sporting events (e.g World Cup, UEFA Champions League etc) they should give priority to cover in order for their ratings to significantly high.

This could cause the issue to become very sensitive as the broadcasting terms and conditions of these occasional events will cost heavily.This can be very unfortunate for FIFA, because whether the date of the World Cup has been changed or not after broadcasting rights are sold. This could cause a severe impact on the trust between the media and the federation itself which demonstrates how the media can easily put less value in paying for broadcasting FIFA’s events. The worst of all is that since we’re talking about large sums of money this could have an effect on FIFA’s upcoming events after 2022.this can be very disadvantageous because several clashes can rise to its peak between sporting organizations and FIFA. As well as football clubs and national teams, as the clubs and national teams, as the clubs may decline to release certain players to play at the World Cup.

As a result of the best groups which have played, the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar as well as other big names within world football, who are likewise in national teams would be to a great degree of disadvantage by the sudden loss of their most valuable assets.Overall, regardless of the circumstances, the change of schedule will convey a considerable amount of weaknesses towards FIFA and its partners. The best arrangement is to allow Qatar to host the World Cup during the summer where it doesn’t meddle with some other sporting events.                          


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