Unit also seen the influence of social contract

Unit TestName: David ShestopalDate:     Civil Liberties and Civil Rights (10 points)Score Explain how the theory of the social contract played a part in American independence.Answer: The theory of social contract played a big role in America’s independence because it influenced many ideas and laws we currently have. The theory of a social contract was created by John Locke and Thomas Hobbes which basically meant that in order for man to have order they would need to give up some of their rights up. The social contract can be seen through many documents in the U.S. constitution. When colonists settled in America they wanted to be independent and many were inspired by the social contract theory.

 The ideas of the social contract theory can be seen through natural rights and due process laws. Experts have also seen the influence of social contract theories in movements like immigration reform, civil rights movements and women’s rights movements. (10 points)Score How is the question of prayer in public schools affected by the establishment clause?Answer:The question of prayer in public schools is affected by the establishment clause in a few ways. The establishment clause states that Congress can’t make a law respecting an establishment of religion, or stop someone from being a certain religion. In the Engel v Vitale case the Court ruled that in New York you can not start the day with a prayer because it violated the Establishment clause. So basically how prayer is affected by the establishment clause is the clause restricts schools of having a policy on prayer and a certain religion because it disturbs the peace of the students who do not believe in any religion or in that particular religion the school supports.  (10 points)Score What are some of the limitations on abortion that the Supreme Court has allowed since the Roe v.

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Wade decision?Answer:  Before the decision of the Roe case most states have not allowed abortion to women. In the mid 1960s around 44 states said abortion was illegal. However after the case the legality of abortion grew significantly.  The case stated that during the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman has the right to obtain an abortion but during  the second trimester the states could regulate abortions. However in the third trimester abortion could be banned by the state. Today abortion is only legal before the first 6 months of the pregnancy.    (5 points)Score Why was the case Brown v.

Board of Education important in the struggle for civil rights?Answer: The ruling in the Brown v. Board of Education was important for the civil rights struggles because it was a major win. Black kids were finally able to attend the same schools as white ones. The court ruled that segregation in school violated the 14th amendment.

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