Using they can be served with geography-specific

Using Mobile Apps and Games Strategies like the Pros

This world is moving towards a
digitalized era. IOT devices are making the idea of connected objects a

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of the internet are increasing day by
day. Mobile apps are also being quite common. For every purpose, we prefer to
just tap a button on our mobile apps and get the solution to our problems.

In this article, you will know about
some of the latest mobile apps and will also explore some new strategies for
mobile apps and games.

Some of the main points that are
explained ahead in this article are:

Why are mobile apps
preferred as compared to the website?

Mobile apple and virtual

Best iPhone VR apps to
Use in 2018:

Reasons to love gaming:


Cool things about GTA
that few people know

Using GTA cheat codes for
maximum effects & enjoyment


are Mobile Apps Preferred as Compared to the Websites?

= Mobile Apps.jpg

Following are some of the main points that
will let you know why the mobile apps users are increasing day by day

They offer much better
personalization as compare to desktop websites.

By mobile apps, user
locations can be determined and in this way, they can be served with
geography-specific content

Mobile apps have an
advantage over using different features of a user’s mobile (for example camera,
images etc.). This helps in providing much better user experience

They also work in
offline mode

Mobile users spend more
time on mobile apps as compared to the mobile websites. Mobile User spend
almost 86% of the time on mobile apps and just 14% on the mobile websites

Mobile apps work much
faster than the websites. This is because mobile apps store data on the device
they are installed while websites have their data stored on servers.


Apps and Virtual Reality:

= Mobile Apps and Virtual Reality.jpg

You might have heard that a picture is
worth a thousand words then if I am not wrong VR should be worth a million

This is because it allows you to enjoy
videos while being present on that spot. Whine using VR you are where the
action is.

Are you one of those iPhone users who
love VR and want to have the best virtual reality app on the iPhone?

iPhone users now don’t need to switch to
Android to enjoy the VR on their phone. Android
VR apps have also been liked by mobile
users a lot.

This is where apples’ new interest in
tech emerges. Apple has got you a big app store for this purpose. Apple has
provided its users a lot of perks.

Even Apple has introduced its own VR
headset. To get prepared for an exciting world of virtual reality, you need to
have a VR app installed on your beloved iPhone

By using iPhone VR apps you can easily
transform your iPhone into an immersive device.

You will be in need of headsets. The
headsets come up with lens and a mechanism to secure your devices too.


iPhone VR Apps to Use in 2018:

There is a big collection of VR iPhone apps
on the app store but we will discuss some of the fantastic ones here in this
article.  Some of the best phone VR  apps that you can enjoy in 2018 are:


It has also provided a
series of   VR documentaries in remote
places. These documentaries emphasis on serious issues. For example
earthquakes, refugees and some other virtual reality topics of this sort.

By this app, you will
get a chance to explore new regions and cultures too.

You will hear some
amazing stories that will surely touch your heart and will give you a new
perspective to think about this world and its people.



was launched in 2014. At that time it was only for android users but then its
users increased and in 2015 Google introduced the iOS support.

It does not use any
sort of screen and processor. Rather it is dependent on an affordable shell
that has specialized lenses.

You can enjoy some
great visual experience with Google cardboard on your iPhone.



This app allows you to have a newer
perspective of the world you can enjoy the pictures of the places you haven’t
visited yet.

It uses photo sphere

The concept of this app
is quite simple. Put people at the photographer’s composition and then let them
enjoy the sense of being present there physically.



It is basically considered as a
storytelling platform. It consists of music, short films, documentation, videos
and much more.

It is a Batman-themed VR headset that
consists of motion controller attachment too. You can view 360-degree movies on
it without any issue.

It is available for free. You can
download it quite easily.



Incell VR is an action based racing VR
game. It consists of a real world.

By this awesome VR game
app, you can race through a colorful environment. Although it looks intense but
believe me there is a science hidden behind it.

It is also an
educational app. It is a sniffing looking creation of cells that you will
surely enjoy.

This app is a mixture
of strategy and science.

You will also
understand cell structure by this app. You will also learn about different
organelles and their roles in a cell activity.



It doesn’t only run on WIFI. It runs on
3G and 4G networks too. It allows you to connect with your friends and family
with the help of a phone console or a VR headset.

You are allowed to
choose your own environment too.

One more amazing this
is that it totally free. So no price for this enjoyment filled app.

With this app, almost 3
people can easily meet up and hang out in a multitude of an environment from
the vTime library.

You are allowed to hare
images or have a chance to sit within your own 360-degree image of. Thus it
also allows socializing within your memories.



This app is quite intuitive. This ap has
used VR very beautifully.


It is also considered as a useful news
application. It experiences VR as news formats showcasing VR reports.

With this awesome app, viewers can be
taken to the surface of the Pluto or even to the depths of the coins.

Its some main features include

Push notifications

Daydream enabled

Spatial audio

Options for streaming

Download files options



With Jaunt VR app, you can enjoy more
than 150 cinematic and premium visual experiences, This app delivers an
unparalleled vital experience


 Sisters: A virtual reality ghost story:

This app has a horror tale story with
some twists. Horrifying events are waiting for you here. Its audio is also
unique interesting.

So don’t forget to have your headphones
while playing this horror or game.

Well, this is the app you must not play
length alone. You will surely get scared!! But if you are brave enough then you
can surely give it a shot.

This app allows you to enjoy the horror
genre. You will witness a scary hinting experience by using it. A horror
experience of virtual reality is what you will have by this app.


Virtual Reality:

If you intend to witness dinosaurs in a
real app then you need to have this app installed on your Smartphone.


to Love Gaming:

= Reasons to Love Gaming.jpg

Well, we have designed enough of mobile
apps. It’s time to explore some interesting things about gaming experience too.

We spent countless hours playing a game
without any break.

Have you ever noticed why people love

One main reason is
achievement component. People like to explore new levels in the challenging
games. So they try to unlock he her levels of games. They intend to compete
with others too,

They have an interest
in rules regulations of the game

The characters of games
make them forget this world for a while and they have an escape from the real
life and enjoy being in a virtual life.

Social components is
also a, in person people enjoy gaming. They love building connections with
other people.


Well, researchers have found that gamers
have better visual attention than the help who don’t play games. Their iconic
skills also get improved a lot.



= GTA.jpg

GTA( Grand Theft Auto) is an action
video game. Two
British game developers began this
series. They introduced it in 1997.

It has been very popular throughout the
world and has been much commercially successful.

Things About GTA that Few People Know:

= Cool Things About GTA.jpg

a)      When
you are adding the water your clothes get wet only to the point where you are
actually waded and the rest that did not wade don’t get wet. It remains dry.

b)      Backfiring
cars can become a cause of igniting the gas trails.

c)      If
you ever stop on the road and blocked the entire traffic then other drivers
will keep shouting at you.

d)     If
you spend more and more money on customizing your car then a random NPC will
compliment you.

e)      The
issue clicker in the game that many people assume to be a pointer finger is
actually the middle finger.

f)       If
you kick the cars they will get a dent

g)      When
you enter the tunnel your GPS signal will be gone.


GTA Cheat Codes for Maximum Effects & Enjoyment:

Cheat codes are basically of 2 types:

1)      Cell
phone cheats

2)      Button



They were interceding GTA. Players can
enter cheats by simply dialing some specific numbers on their phone.



They are available for use on almost all
platforms. While entering the cheat code, the achievement and they would be disabling
for the current session.

To get the achievement and trophy back
you will need to rest the game


Cheat Code:

You can use the following cheat codes
anytime during the game. You don’t need to pause the game; You will have to use
PS3 controllers for using the following cheats:

 image = PS3 cheat codes.png

Cheat Code:

Enter the following cheat code with Xbox

  image =
xbox cheat codes.jpg



Well, no doubt VR apps and action games
give us the enjoyment that has no alternative. People forget about the
real-life and enjoy the charms of the virtual experiences.

By applying modern games your creative
sides becomes highlighted. Having fun is also a part of life. They give you the
mental relief that no other thing can provide you.



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